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adopted daughter and white father on a bridge looking at the water, grief and loss

Privilege and International Adoption

This section explores the concept of privilege and how it may affect your internationally adopted child.

Building Your Awareness of Privilege

Privilege is easy to recognize when you don’t have it, but it often goes unseen when we benefit from it. Most of us benefit from some type of privilege: gender privilege, race privilege, economic class privilege, age privilege, religious privilege, able-bodied privilege, etc. It’s important to recognize when privilege is present and when it’s not, because its presence will often affect how you’re seeing a specific topic. As you become more aware of the privileges you hold, you’ll discover that they might not be present for your children. Or that your children are simply benefiting from your privilege when you’re around, but lose it when they’re on their own. The greater your awareness of this issue, the better you’ll be able to support your children as they negotiate our privilege-saturated society.

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