Hi, We're Prim and Perri

We are 11 years old and live in Thailand.

June 2013|June 2013

Video available upon request

Special Needs Project

Meet twins, Prim and Perri! Prim is the older twin and Perri is the younger twin. Holt staff had the opportunity to meet these sisters for a second time during our 2024 Special Needs Project trip. During our visit, the girls were friendly and cooperative with us.

Perri is described as happy and a follower. Sometimes, she can lack confidence and needs extra affirmation to believe in herself and her abilities. Perri has good relationships with adults and peers. Although, she prefers to play with younger children. Her favorite subjects are English and math, but she is delayed compared to peers. Perri has a favorite nanny who she describes as kind. She offers to help this nanny when she can. When she is sad, she will talk to her caregivers or sister about what is making her upset. Perri desires to adopted with her sister one day.

Prim is described as responsible, happy, and kind. She enjoys helping her nanny with cooking. Her favorite toys are dolls and stuffed animals. Prim’s favorite subject is math. Her caregivers say she is on track compared to other children in her orphanage. She is said to enjoy playing with children of all ages – peers, younger, or older children. She knows and follows her routine with little guidance.

An ideal adoptive family for these sisters should be open to unknowns in medical, childhood experiences, and future development. The family should have access to excellent educational and language support to help these sisters flourish. If you are interested in learning more about these siblings, please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

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