Hi, I'm Henry

I'm 14 years old and live in Hong Kong.

August 2009

He is always optimistic, active, cheerful and helpful. Group-home workers don’t often express amazement about a child’s attachment and affection regarding caregivers, let alone kindness and willingness to help others. However, they did for this boy. He never refuses a request for help, and many of his peers call him their friend. Who is this boy? This is Henry, of course. Henry was born healthy full term in August 2009, and his health has been stable ever since. Henry sometimes has problems regulating his behavior and staying on task, but he has an active social life where he not only works at making and keeping friends, but also cooperating with his peers and caregivers. He also recently expressed the desire to have a stable, caring forever family which would be wonderful for him, and the family that adopts him. His caregivers report that Henry is getting personal tutoring in English conversation. One report noted his surprisingly good memory. For example, he could recall the details of past doctor and social worker visits to a remarkable extent. Henry has a good appetite, and is learning to play basketball, an activity that he chose for himself, and demonstrated his dedication by showing up early every week for the class to participate, among other qualities. One of his caseworkers notes that Henry helps where he can with the daily operations of his group home, is cooperative with the staff, and follows the house rules willingly. If you would like more information about this wonderful boy please get in touch.

Currently we are only able to accept families in states with Holt branch offices, including AK, CA, IA, IL, KS, MO, NE, NJ, NY, OR, PA, SD, WA, WI.

I want to know more about Henry.

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