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Two smiling kids helping at an artist concert to encourage Holt sponsorship of children in need

10 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child is a great way to teach your kids or grandkids about cultural diversity, the importance of helping others and the challenges children face in other parts of the world.

  1. Encourage your child to contribute to your monthly sponsorship donation! Whether by mowing lawns, selling lemonade or some other creative entrepreneurial venture, donating their own hard-earned money will make the concept of sponsorship more real to your child and will help foster a greater understanding of charity and sacrifice.

  2. When you receive updates about your sponsored child, read them together as a family. Ask questions to get your children thinking about the differences between your sponsored child’s life and their own lives.

  3. Use Google Maps to pinpoint where your sponsored child lives! Start a conversation about all the places where children live and how their lives might be different in different parts of the world.

  4. Celebrate your sponsored child’s birthday! When a card comes in the mail to fill out for your sponsored child, write a special birthday message together and affix a family photo. Talk with your child about how children growing up in poverty or in orphanages may not always get to celebrate their birthdays

  5. Attend a Winter Jam concert together! Listen to Holt’s Christian artist partners speak about Holt child sponsorship – or better yet, volunteer to help sign up new sponsors! Visit holtinternational.org/volunteer to register.

  6. Write a letter to your sponsored child! Encourage your child to share about their life and interests and ask your sponsored child questions about what they like to do, what they study in school and what life is like where they live. Consider adding a photo or other flat items, like stickers.

  7. Read a book together that’s set in the country where your sponsored child lives! Take this opportunity to start a conversation about your sponsored child’s heritage and culture.

  8. Take a walk together that’s the same distance as your sponsored child walks to school. In many of the communities where Holt works, children walk sometimes miles to get to and from school every day.

  9. Contact Holt’s sponsorship department to request info about children who are still waiting for sponsors and team up with your child to recruit sponsors for them! Often, finding the words to express why children need sponsors is the best way to fully understand the need yourself.

  10. Last but not least, pray. Together with your child, pray for your sponsored child’s health, happiness and that all their hopes and dreams may come true.

Become a Child Sponsor

Connect with a child. Provide for their needs. Share your heart for $43 per month.

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