Help for Haiti

On Saturday, August 14th, a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. Just days later, Tropical Depression Grace brought even more devastation to children, families and communities.

When disaster strikes, we’re always astounded by the generosity and compassion of Holt donors. And this most recent crisis in Haiti was no different.

Because of our amazing Holt donors, Holt Haiti staff was able to give immediate help to those who needed it most.

You helped give:
642 hygiene kits to serve 62 children in our partner orphanage and 106 families in a community devastated by the earthquake.
Hot, nutritious meals to 106 families from the community and 62 children at our partner orphanage, five days per week.
Clean water from our partner orphanage’s well to 106 families two times per day. Each family received a supply of water purification tablets and sanitary storage containers.
COVID19 prevention kits of masks, soap, handwashing buckets and sanitizer to five schools in the earthquakeaffected area, serving up to 1,462 children.

Scroll through the photos below to see the children and families you helped! 

Thank you, Holt donors, for responding to this crisis. You made all the difference for these precious children and families, helping them to get through this most difficult time.

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  1. Praise be to God for all the kind and helpful people who assisted with this effort. We are all one body of Christ and when one suffers, we all suffer. Let us rejoice together for doing the work of Christ.
    May Christ dwell in your heart through faith

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