Gigi Needs an Adoptive Family!

Determined and motivated, Gigi needs a loving, adoptive family!

At 13 years old, Gigi has been waiting for a permanent, adoptive family. She understands adoption and says one of her biggest wishes is to be adopted by a caring family.

A Little About Gigi

Gigi enjoys going to school! She is working on her English which is one of her favorite classes. Gigi has a good relationship with her school principal and enjoys staying after school to help the teachers. At school, Gigi has many friends. Gigi describes herself as outgoing and is well-liked by her classmates. Some of her favorite activities are jumping rope and playing on the school soccer team.

Gigi, shown here, needs an adoptive family!
Gigi working on her math with her caregivers.

Social workers report that Gigi is honest and mature for her age. They say that she communicates her thoughts and feelings well, and she is affectionate towards the people she is comfortable around.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Gigi?

The best family for Gigi should understand or be willing to learn about the challenges of adopting an older child. Also, they should have access to excellent educational and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) resources. Gigi would thrive as the youngest or only child in the family.

Gigi’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos of Gigi and learn more about her, please reach out to us at

Holt social workers have met Gigi and are available to talk to prospective adoptive parents.

Gigi needs an adoptive family!

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  1. What country is Gigi from? What is the maximum allowable age for a prospective adoptive parent? Do you have a PW for prospective adoptive parents to access other waiting children bios and pictures.

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