Help a Child in an Orphanage During the Pandemic!

Children in orphanages are hungry. There are not enough diapers for each day. And there are not enough caregivers to take care of them.

Will you please help at least one child today?

Orphanages are overwhelmed with children because of the coronavirus pandemic. Parents have lost their jobs and left their children in orphanages because they can’t afford to feed them. And children who were about to be adopted are now stuck in the orphanage because their adoptive family can’t travel to come get them.

These orphanages don’t have the resources to care for these extra children.

But right now, you can care for a child in an orphanage. You can fill their belly and provide the diapers they need. And if you can send a little extra, you can give them the loving care they need, too.

Just $25 will provide one baby with enough formula and diapers for one week.


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