Send a Child to School!
$25 provides the books, supplies and uniforms a child needs to attend.

Education is the single most powerful weapon against poverty....

When they’re educated, children can transform not just their own lives, but the lives of their families and communities. In many developing countries, school also keeps kids safe from traffickers, exploitation, forced child labor and child marriage. But around the world, children face tremendous obstacles to their education

That’s why your extra special gift of $25 is so important. Your gift will provide the books, supplies and uniform your sponsored child or another child needs to stay in school.

In many cases, your gift will supply materials directly to your sponsored child. But your sponsored child’s family or school may already provide these supplies. Or your sponsored child may not be in school yet. In these cases, your gift will provide materials to a child in greatest need.

You should see how excited children are when they receive new school supplies,

uniforms and shoes! They are overjoyed by your generosity, and so encouraged to keep working hard in school.

Will you help a child stay in school, or send a child to school for the first time?

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