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Learn About Songkran, the Biggest Holiday in Thailand!

In April, children and families across Thailand celebrate Songkran. Learn more about this important holiday!

April 13 marked the beginning of Songkran— the first day of the Thai New Year and one of the biggest holidays in Thailand

In Thailand, the new year holiday lasts for several days, giving people time to travel home and be with their families. A few days of the festival have special meanings. April 13 is designated “Day of the Senior or Elderly,” an appreciation for the senior population for their years of contribution to their communities, and April 14 is “Family Day,” honoring family love and togetherness.

Some of the ways your sponsored child might be celebrating with their family include offering food to monks passing through the village, pouring water into their elders’ hands as a gesture of humility and sitting with their family for a special meal.

But the main event of Songkran is a huge water fight! 

Every year, people gather in a public square to splash water together — an activity that’s believed to bring good health, prosperity, longevity and good luck! Songkran is most well-known for its water fights, but the festival also includes parades, dancing and folk entertainment. The word “Songkran” means transformation or change, and the holiday is a celebration of goodwill, love, compassion and gratitude. Thank you for embracing these qualities as a Holt child sponsor — and thank you for your life-changing support for a child in need!

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