What a day in the life is like for one sponsored child and her family in Uganda. 


Meet Sophia. Sophia lives with her grandmother and four of her cousins in Biika Iwamigo village, a small farming community recovering from both the spread of HIV and years of brutal conflict in central Uganda. Sophia has lived with her grandmother since she lost her mother when she was 10 years old. Now 13, Sophia is in the sixth grade at Jolly Children’s Academy and she aspires to be a nurse. With the support of sponsors, Sophia and her cousins have everything they need to stay in school and thrive in the loving care of their grandmother. Turn the page to learn what a day in the life is like for Sophia and her cousins and how Holt sponsorship supports them every step of the way.



Before heading off for school in the morning, Sophia and her cousins first sweep their grandmother’s compound and then wash with collected rainwater.


Above, Sophia fills a jug of water from the family’s large cistern.


Sophia and her cousins start their hour-long walk to school.


Sophia and her cousins attend Jolly Children’s Academy, a primary school with 150 Holt-sponsored children in attendance. Sophia’s sponsors cover her school fees, uniform, textbooks, supplies and daily lunch at school, pictured above.


In Uganda, a maximum of two children in a family are directly supported by sponsors. In their family, Sophia and her cousin Ronald have Holt sponsors. But as part of Holt’s family strengthening program, their family has also received agricultural investments to help them generate income — including pigs, a goat and coffee, maize and bean seedlings. By saving her earnings, Sophia’s grandmother can afford to meet the needs of all her grandchildren, including their school fees.


At 62, Sophia’s grandmother continues to farm their small plot of land, where she grows peanuts, avocados, bananas, beans, maize, coffee and sugarcane.


After school, Sophia and her cousins help by gathering firewood and food from the garden.


Above, Sophia’s grandmother helps her lift a basket of cassava to carry on her head.


Ronald carries a large jackfruit from the family farm.


One of the family’s most prized assets is a pig, which Sophia’s cousin feeds above.

With the support of Holt sponsors and through Holt’s partnership with local organization Action for Children, Sophia, her cousins and her grandmother are thriving — every day.

Brian Campbell • Media Manager

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