The Gift of Hearing

You gave Dipti hearing aids, allowing her to hear for the very first time! 

Her whole life, Dipti’s parents just assumed she was a late bloomer. But at 5 years old, she was still barely talking. 

Dipti attends a free Holt-supported daycare in southern India — and one of her teachers encouraged Dipti’s parents to take her to the doctor. When they took her to a specialist, their suspicions were confirmed: Dipti was nearly deaf. She would need a hearing aid and speech therapy. 

This is expensive for a family that is already living in poverty. But thankfully, Holt donors are ensuring that Dipti is getting all the help she needs.

Today, Dipti has her hearing aids, and is going to speech therapy. For the first time ever, she can hear and communicate all she wants to say. Her life is changed forever. 

“For the first time,” says Dipti’s teacher, “Dipti’s family saw hope that their daughter will be able to pick up the skills to speak, hear and function regularly.” 

Thank you for opening up Dipti’s world — for helping her communicate, grow and thrive. 

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