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The 12 Best Gifts for a Socially Distanced Christmas

The following gifts don’t fit in stockings and probably couldn’t be wrapped in paper and bows. But they just might be the perfect gifts to give family and friends for your virtual or socially distanced Christmas!

gifts for social distancing

Gifts of Hope are life-changing items that help and empower children and families in need all around the world. And this Christmas, you can give a Gift of Hope in honor of a loved one — we’ll even send them a card so they know about the amazing gift you gave in their honor!

1. Blankets and Coats – $52

Quality coats and blankets are expensive for families in impoverished places. And in very cold or wet climates, such as in China or Mongolia, winter is miserable and unavoidable. Your gift of coats and blankets will keep a family warm and dry this Christmas!

2. Shoes for 1 Child – $9

One pair of shoes can have a huge impact on a child’s health — and even their education. With a pair of new shoes, kids can walk to school and not worry about illness, infection or injury.

3. A Goat – $105

A goat can supply a family with nutritious milk every day. They even help provide fertilizer for home gardens. Give a goat, and help a family overcome poverty!

When you consider giving gifts while social distancing, consider school supplies!4. School Supplies – $13

The cost of school supplies can be an overwhelming financial burden on families struggling to afford basic necessities. Give one student a year’s supply of stationery, pencils and other necessities.

When you consider giving gifts while social distancing, consider chickens!5. Chickens – $35

Within a few months of birth, chicks become chickens and begin laying eggs — providing protein and other vital nutrients for growing kids. Extra eggs and chicks can also generate income for a small family business.

When you consider giving gifts while social distancing, consider sponsoring!6. Care for Children with Special Needs – $60

Whether it’s surgeries, therapies, walkers, wheelchairs, special education or other vital services, all children deserve the medical care they need to thrive. Your Gift of Hope will provide urgent medical services and nurturing care for a child with special needs — helping them reach their full potential in life. A gift of $60 will help care for one child for one month.

When you consider giving gifts while social distancing, consider vaccines!7. Vaccines – $25

Preventable diseases such as measles and polio continue to threaten the lives of children in the developing world. Protect a child with the gift of vaccines!

gifts for social distancing8. Personal Sanitation Kit – $17

You can keep a child healthy during the pandemic by giving them a personal sanitation kit! Whether they’re going to school in person, or just living in a crowded community, the gift of a mask, hand sanitizer and a simple bar of soap can keep them safe from COVID-19.

9. Egg a Day – $21

Eggs are a vital source of protein, which is essential for growing kids. Give a child in orphanage care or a child in a struggling family an egg a day for a month — a small change that helps prevent malnutrition. Your gift of $28 will feed five kids per day for one month!

10. Emergency Food Kit – $58

Due to the pandemic, many parents have lost jobs and are struggling to feed their children. And children who used to eat free lunch at school – often their only meal all day – are now going hungry. Your gift of an emergency food kit will provide rice, beans, milk and more to a hungry child — helping them to make it through this global crisis.

11. School Lunch – $30

When kids show up to class with empty stomachs and nothing to eat, hunger pains make it extremely difficult for them to learn. Your gift of a healthy lunch fights malnutrition and ensures children are successful in school.

When you consider giving gifts while social distancing, consider education for a girl!12. Education for a Girl – $150

Gender-based violence and discrimination often keep girls from attending school — especially when they come from poor families. And when struggling to make ends meet, many families opt to keep boys in school and pull girls out to help earn income for the family.

That’s why we have a special education fund just for girls. Your Gift of Hope will help a girl stay in school and enjoy all the opportunities that come with a good education!

Little girl holding a baby chick

Give a Gift of Hope

Give a lifesaving or life-changing tangible gift to a child or family in need. And this holiday season, give in honor of a loved one and they’ll receive a free card!

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