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Colored picture of a frog to say thank you to child sponsor

See what one boy in Cambodia drew for his sponsor to say thank you for helping him and his family.

When Tong first came to the attention of our partner staff in Cambodia, he was malnourished and struggling to develop at a healthy rate.

Tong lives with his family in a rural agricultural community where chronic drought has led to poor rice harvests and caused many parents to migrate to cities in search of work — often leaving their children in the care of elderly grandparents. Tong, too, lives with his grandparents along with one sibling and four cousins. His mom works in a garment factory in Phnom Penh and his father is absent from his life. His grandparents earn very little income selling porridge at a local school, and they struggle to support Tong and their other grandchildren.

Until a sponsor started supporting him, Tong never had enough to eat and his grandparents couldn’t afford to send him to school.

Tong’s sponsor not only cover the costs of his school supplies and uniforms, but also helped his grandparents grow their small business. With the gift of a small business microgrant and the training and guidance of Holt’s partner staff in Cambodia, his grandparents are earning more income. Although they still need the help of sponsors, they are better able to care for their five grandchildren — including Tong.

Six-year-old Tong is now in the first grade and is growing healthy and strong. He is a good student and sits in the front row of the classroom so he can hear the lessons better. He has four close friends and loves to play chase with them. He also loves to ride his bicycle and play with toy cars and kites.

Tong is so much healthier because of the difference a sponsor made in his life. Recently, he drew the above picture for his sponsor to say thank you!

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