saylor needs an adoptive family

Saylor Needs an Adoptive Family!

UPDATE: Saylor was matched with a family in December 2022! Thank you for helping to advocate for this sweet girl to join a loving, permanent family.

Saylor is described as friendly, outgoing, and active. She is very social and enjoys playing with peers and making friends. Saylor’s caregivers say she is very affectionate, both with her friends and caregivers.

Some of Saylor’s favorite things to do are jumping rope, drawing, writing and playing soccer. Like many girls her age, she enjoys dressing up and wearing pretty dresses! Saylor also enjoys school and says that she loves learning new things. She dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up.

Saylor understands adoption and looks forward to having a loving, secure family. When asked about her greatest wishes, she says she would love to be a big sister one day!

Saylor needs an adoptive family with knowledge of (or willing to learn about) developmental trauma, grief, older child adoption and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) parenting techniques. The ideal adoptive family for Saylor is one that can provide her with routine, structure and encouragement to build her confidence and help her thrive.

Saylor’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos of Saylor and to learn more about her, please email us at [email protected]!

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