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Ready for School

At 3 years old, Huy couldn’t talk and was way behind his peers. But a Holt-supported special education preschool helped him catch up!

Huy didn’t walk, he didn’t talk, he couldn’t eat or use the bathroom by himself. He was sad and unconfident. None of this was normal for a 3 year old… 

His parents were very poor and sick and couldn’t care for him by themselves, so Huy lived with his great aunt. She started taking him to a special needs preschool that Holt donors support in Vietnam. And that’s when Huy’s transformation began! 

This preschool is especially for children with special needs and is one of its kind in the community where Huy lives. Every day, he started doing special therapy to help him move, talk and develop. Huy’s life began to change. 

“He began to talk more, to take a couple of stilting steps with a walking frame, to learn his numbers and the Vietnamese alphabet,” said his teacher. His personality began to blossom, revealing a self-confident boy who even became the class jokester! 

Holt donors supported him at the preschool for over two years. And this past fall, something amazing happened — Huy was ready for mainstream school!

He could walk independently, speak and express himself, and even knew his numbers and letters. 

“He was no longer scared of people and was a happy and confident little boy!” says his preschool teacher. 

Huy had a great first year of school at the elementary school in his community. 

He is a real-life example of the impact of early education — and the impact of our donors’ generosity.

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