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When you begin a relationship with Holt, you become a part of the extended Holt family – and that’s a bond that lasts a lifetime. In this spirit, we created Holt heritage tours, giving adoptees the opportunity to return to – and reconnect with – their birth country. Originally designed for adult Korean adoptees, heritage tours have since evolved. In 2005, we began heritage tours of China for adoptees of all ages and now offer adoptee and family tours of Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The adoptee and family tours we offer this year are listed below.

Holt also recognizes the growing interest among our supporters to see first-hand the work we do overseas. With great enthusiasm, we introduce “Holt International Vision Trips,” specially designed for individuals who have a passion for Holt’s work and want to learn — and see! — more. Whether you’re a Holt child sponsor, an adoptive parent or adoptee, a Holt donor, or just someone who wishes to see Holt projects up close and personal – these trips are for you!

"I just wanted to extend a heartfelt and sincere 'thank you'. This process of putting together the pieces of my past has put such peace in my heart. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It has truly touched me."
- A Korean Adoptee

Visiting the birth country can be a milestone event in the life of an adoptee. Holt regularly offers Motherland Tours for adoptees 18 years and older, as well as Family Tours for younger adoptees and their families. Older adoptees who wish to travel with their partner, a friend or their children may do so on the Family Tour.

Family Heritage/Motherland Tours
 • China Tour— June 21 to July 4, 2014
 • Korea Heritage Tour — June 23 to July 6, 2014
 • India Tour — July 7-18, 2014

Adult Adoptee Motherland Tours
 • Holt-Bethany Korea Adult Adoptee Tour—May 21-30, 2014

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