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Over the past 60 years, Holt's work has expanded to include programs in 12 countries — each with specifically tailored services designed to strengthen families, keep children in loving homes and help kids thrive. Our work varies from country to country, but often includes single mother's homes, daycare projects, special medical homes for babies, and partnerships with schools — among other amazing projects. We're proud of the work we do, and we want to show you what we do. We also want you to be excited about our work and inspire you to help us make our vision a reality: A world where every child has a permanent, loving home.

That's why we offer opportunities for you to travel with us. Whether you are an adoptee interested in learning more about your history and reconnecting with your birth culture, a sponsor with a heart for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children, a Holt supporter or ambassador, a doctor, a teacher, or just someone who wants to give back… we have a trip planned for you.

If you are an adoptee or an adoptive family, join us on a heritage tour. We have trips for adult adoptees only as well as trips for the whole family, including children as young as 10.

If you are a child sponsor, a Holt supporter or someone working in a profession that allows you to serve others — like the medical or educational field — we've pioneered trips specifically for you! We sometimes send specialized teams into the field — doctors, college athletes, etc… — to provide services specific to their skill set. Other trips are open to anyone with an interest in Holt and a passion to serve children. We call these "vision trips," and we organize one or two of these to a different country every year.

Examples of trips we've hosted in the last year include:

  • Gift Teams: A team of Holt supporters travel to Korea to bring the joy of Christmas to children in our care. Shop for and deliver Christmas gifts. Throw holiday parties for our foster families and single mothers. See the sights, taste the cuisine and explore Holt's programs — large and small.
  • Philippines Ambassador Trip: Each year, Holt selects a small group of Holt supporters to join us in the Philippines. While there, the ambassadors meet a group of children who need extra help finding adoptive families — often older children, sibling groups, or those with special medical needs. After spending a week getting to know the children through field trips and fun activities, the ambassadors return to the states to advocate for the children and to help find their permanent, loving families.
  • Vision Trips: In 2013, adoptive families, adoptees, members of Holt's board of directors and Holt supporters traveled to India together on our first vision trip to India. Besides a day trip to the iconic Taj Mahal and other tourist hotspots, travelers saw Holt's programs first-hand — spending the days playing with children in care and learning about our services to vulnerable families.

Check out our upcoming trips below! If you have questions about a specific trip, or would like to ask if we offer a trip to a specific country, please contact: Sabrina Biggers, Admin Coordinator, Marketing & Development Direct Line: 541-505-5525 Email: sabrinab@holtinternational.org

Heritage Tours  

Motherland Tours for Adoptees
  • Summer tours 2014 are already in progress! No new tours scheduled at this time. Check back at the beginning of 2015.

Family Tours for Adoptive Families and Adoptees
Vision Trips  

Gift Teams

Work Teams
  • No new tours scheduled at this time.

Ambassador Trips
  • The Philippines Program will host an Ambassador Trip in the Spring of 2015. Stay tuned for more information to be posted at the end of 2014 or contact Danielle Peebles 541-6872202 Ext 187/ email: daniellep@holtinternational.org to be placed on a wait list.
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