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A Partnership Begins...
Holt expanded our services to children and families in India in 1979, first establishing a social services center and residential care facility in partnership with local leaders in Pune, Maharashtra. Here, our new partner agency – Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra – began providing care and adoption services to homeless children. By 1988, Holt had initiated two additional child care facilities, Children of the World Bombay (CWB) and Vathsalya Charitable Trust (VCT), and began providing foster care services.

Because of Holt's long history and extensive programs serving Indian children, we have strong and long lasting relationship with many legacy partner agencies in India. We also have worked with India's Central Adoption Authority since its inception.

India Adoption

A Changing Landscape...
In recent years, several factors have changed the landscape for adoption from India. Awareness of Holt's quality childcare services in India grew, leading to a greater interest by Indian families to adopt – often healthy infants – domestically. Children with special needs in our care facilities began to outnumber other available children, the timeframe to adopt internationally lengthened, and fewer children came home to families in the U.S.

A New and Promising Opportunity...
Until recently, Holt could only place children with families through one of our four placing agencies in India. As of January 1, 2012, under the new CARA guidelines, families adopting a child from India are not limited to one of these facilities. Instead, families are able to register their preference for a specific state from which they would like to adopt.

This new opportunity broadens Holt's reach in India, allowing us to find homes for children in over 300 orphanages. It also allows Holt more flexibility in the matching process with families as well as potentially reducing wait times for families.

To learn more about the many different ways Holt serves children and families in India, click here.

Contact India Program Staff
To obtain more detailed information about international adoption from India through Holt, contact either our Intake Counselor or the India Program Staff.  As the application fee is non refundable, we encourage families to contact us prior to submitting their application so we can share current program status and to confirm eligibility.

Emily Lund, Intake Counselor: emilyl@holtinternational.org 541-687-2202 ext 145
Dean Hale, Director of Programs- India & Mongolia: deanh@holtinternational.org   541-687-2202 ext 127
Mary Ferrell, India & Mongolia Program Coordinator: maryf@holtinternational.org  541-687-2202 ext 112

Children recently home from India
Children recently home from India
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