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A Model of Care for Children…
For over 35 years, Holt International has worked in partnership with Holt Sahathai Foundation (HSF) to serve the needs of homeless and at-risk children and families in Thailand. Throughout the years, HSF and Holt have placed over 800 children with families in the United States. However, international adoption is just one of the ways Holt works to ensure children in Thailand can grow up in loving, stable homes. Before pursuing adoption, Holt always strives to keep children in the loving care of their birth families. Every year, HSF provides counseling, educational sponsorship, nutritional assistance, foster care and medical aid to hundreds of children — helping them reunite or remain with their families. To learn more about HSF's programs and services, click here.
Thailand Adoption

Adoption from Thailand Today…
At present, Holt is the only U.S.-based agency working with HSF to place children through international adoption. For younger couples looking to start a family through adoption, Thailand is a great choice as the minimum age requirement for parents is 25. Couples can have up to one child in the home prior to submitting their application, and couples with a child can request to be matched with a child opposite of the gender of the child already home. Childless couples must be open to a child of either gender. Although a small number of children come home to Holt families every year, the process to adopt from Thailand is stable and reliable. HSF also does an excellent job of preparing children for adoption while still in care, and supporting adoptive families while in country. Please contact Holt's Thailand program staff or check our eligibility link for more information.

The Children…
 Most children from Thailand are 2-3 years old at the time of placement. A high number of boys age 5 and older also wait for families. We need families for children of both genders.

HSF was the first organization to implement foster care in Thailand, and today HSF places most children in foster families soon after they enter care. A more nurturing alternative to institutional care, foster care helps to ensure children awaiting adoption reach critical developmental milestones, receive proper nutrition and are able to form vital emotional bonds. Holt also receives detailed progress reports every 4 months with updates on each child's health and development.

To learn more about the many different ways Holt serves children and families in Thailand, click here.

Children recently home from Thailand
Children recently home from Thailand
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