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Holt's history in the Philippines...
After helping to establish a local partner organization, the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF), Holt began serving children in the Philippines in 1976. Working alongside KBF, Holt has helped to improve local childcare and adoption practices as well as find loving, stable families in the U.S. for over 900 orphaned and abandoned children in the Philippines. In addition to KBF's loving, compassionate care for orphaned and abandoned children, KBF continually strives to keep or reunite children with their birth families before pursuing adoption.

Support services for struggling families include daycare, financial and nutritional assistance, microloans to start small businesses and follow-up services to ensure stability. To prevent child abandonment, every year KBF counsels dozens of families and pregnant single women who also receive housing, prenatal care and post-delivery services. Through KBF, Holt also helps to provide attentive, nurturing foster care for children awaiting adoption in the Philippines. To learn more about KBF's programs and services, click here.

Philippines Adoption

A small but stable adoption program...
In recent years, growing interest among prospective families has led to significant increase in international adoption applications to the Philippines. At the same time, more families within the Philippines are adopting children domestically. While great news for children in need of families, this has also slowed the overall adoption process. However, we do accept a limited number of applications each year, and adoption from the Philippines is stable. Although every adoption experience is different, families are generally matched to a child in about 18 months, and placement typically occurs six months after match. To learn more about whether your family is eligible to adopt a child from the Philippines, please click here.

Finding families for older children and those with special needs...
While we do place a number of 2-5-year-old children each year, the majority of children who need homes from the Philippines are older, ages 6-14. Many of the children in care also have some form of special need, and some are in sibling groups. We also assist with adoptions of children who are related to the applicant's family. Click here for more information about relative adoption.

Ambassador Program
In 2011, Holt piloted our annual Philippines Ambassador Program — designed to help find families for the many older children waiting for families in the Philippines. Children are ages 8-15, and some are in sibling groups. Over a week in country, a group of volunteer ambassadors get to know the children — their likes and dislikes, their personalities, etc… Once home in the U.S., the ambassadors advocate for the children's adoptions in their churches and communities.

To learn more about the Philippine Ambassador Program and read about the participating children who still need families, please click here to request access to the ambassador webpage. If you have already received a username and password, click here to login. Or, check out our blog, where we regularly post updates from the Philippines Ambassador program.

To learn more about the many different ways Holt serves children and families in the Philippines, click here. Or, consider sponsoring a child! For $30/month, you can change the life of an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child. Your support helps to ensure your sponsored child has nutritious food, warm clothing, safe shelter and nurturing care.

Children recently home from Philippines
Children recently home from Philippines

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