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Haiti Adoption

Haiti Adoption
In 2003, Holt began serving children in Haiti — providing comprehensive child services and beginning to process international adoptions, first placing children with families in the U.S. in 2006.

For 11 years, Holt worked alongside Hope for Haiti to provide nurturing care for children at the village, including many affected by a massive earthquake that devastated this island nation in January 2010. Many of these children were ultimately able to reunite with their birth families. For those children unable to rejoin their families, we worked to find loving adoptive families.

Today, Holt's international adoption program from Haiti is undergoing many changes due to Haiti's ratification of the Hague Convention in June 2012. Haiti's central authority for international adoption — IBESR — will now play a major role in the matching of children with adoptive applicants. Until IBESR makes known details of how their new child referral system will work, families interested in adopting from Haiti are encouraged to contact Mike Noah, Holt's Director of Services for Haiti, before applying.

To learn about the many different ways Holt serves children and families in Haiti, click here.

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