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Holt Korea Adoption Process

This brief summary provides a basic outline of our Korea adoption process.

Apply to Holt

Holt staff carefully reviews the information in your application to determine that you meet Holt, U.S., and Korean adoption requirements before you begin the adoption process to ensure you will be able to successfully complete it.

Complete homestudy

During this 2-4 month process, you will work with either a Holt branch office or a trusted Holt partner. Your social worker will help guide you in exploring issues, in-depth, related to being an adoptive family – such as your motivations, concerns and strengths as potential adoptive parents.

If you live in a state where Holt does not have a branch office, you will need to select one of our co-operating local service agencies for your state.

File for USCIS pre-approval I-600A:

This takes place after homestudy approval

Approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is required in order to bring a child from another country into the U.S. as an immediate relative

Receive a Referral

Upon receiving a child referral, families will also receive photos of the child, all the medical information sent to Holt, a child study explaining how the child came into care — including information about why adoption is necessary for the child — and information on the child's development since coming into care. Families will have an opportunity to review the child material thoroughly. Holt strongly recommends that families consult a pediatrician familiar with international adoption to review the child's medical and social history. If you or your doctor has questions about the child material, the Korea team is able to work with our partner agency in Korea to find answers to any questions you may have.

Acceptance Paperwork

If you accept the child referral, you will be provided with a several documents to make your acceptance formal.

Legal Process begins to bring your child home

The legal process to bring your child home begins once your initial acceptance paperwork is received in Korea. Overall this process takes approximately 12-18 months.

Complete a dossier

Holt Korea will request that families complete a dossier. Once this is completed the dossier will be sent to Korea to be translated and prepared to be submitted to obtain an Emigration Permit (EP) for your child.

File I-600

After you are matched with a child, Holt Korea will send us your child’s legal documents and you will file for I-600 with USCIS.

Emigration Permit (EP) Approval

Once your child’s EP is approved, your case will be forwarded to the Korean Courts. You will be informed when your case has been submitted to court.

1st Trip

Once an appearance date has been scheduled you will be contacted to begin making arrangements for your first trip to Korea. The presence of both adoptive parents at the court is required. This trip is in average of 7 days.

Courts Issue Final Decree

After the hearing, the court in Korea will issue its final ruling on your case. Once the final decree is received, you will be contacted to begin making arrangements for your second trip to Korea. On average, the time between the 1st and 2nd trip is 4 to 5 weeks.

2nd Trip

You will attend the Visa Interview during your second trip. Once the U.S. Embassy has issued your child’s visa, typically 48 hours after your interview, you may return to the United States with your child. This trip is an average of 5 days.

Post Placement Visits

After your child's arrival home, you will be contacted by the social worker who did your home study to set up post-placement visits. The Korean Government requires a minimum of six visits to occur during your first year home with your child — at one, two, three, six, nine and 12 months. Additional visits may be required by your state of residence.

Citizenship & Re-finalization

Because the adoption is made final by the Korean Family court, children arrive home on an IR3 Visa and they will receive automatic citizenship. Families should receive their Certificate of Citizenship (COC) directly after their arrival. We recommend families re-finalize the adoption to change the legal name of their child and have the COC re-issued or amended with the child’s new legal name.

Your direct social worker and homestudy agency will assist you in the process of re-finalization as legal requirements vary from state to state.

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