On Paper, Kids' Stories Are Scary

In Colombia, thousands of children 5 and older spend their lives hoping for a home of their own. But, too often, their dream never comes true. These are kids like Santi and Cata — two healthy, smart, curious, funny kids whose biggest dream is a family. Life hasn't been easy for them, but what their adoption assessments don't show you is their resilience, bright smiles and the joy they'll bring to a home.




Sofia Needs a Family!

Seven-year-old Sofia from Colombia needs parents who love hugs, lots of hand-made art and having a child who makes even the most mundane situations more fun. Could you be the family Sofia is waiting for?




Louis Jean Needs a Sponsor!

Louis Jean lives with her mom in Haiti, but her father is absent and her mom struggles to provide for her daughter on her own. Louis Jean needs a sponsor to help her go to school and have enough to eat!

I want to be her sponsor!



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