Adoptee Camp

A week of Holt camp will be one of the best experiences of your life. Along with other adoptees, you’ll have the chance to try new things, make new friends and discuss issues that are important and unique to adoptees.

No matter which location you attend, you’ll fill your days playing group games, developing skits, playing sports, swimming, living in cabins, exploring your identity, eating great food, creating arts and crafts and hanging out with new and old friends.



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Camp Schedule

Oregon Camp:

July 17-21 ($525.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is July 20 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person)

Wisconsin Camp:

July 24-28 ($525.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is July 27 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person)

Nebraska Camp:

August 1-5 ($525.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is August 4 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person)

East Coast Camp:

August 7-12 (625.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is August 11 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person)

2016 registration is now open! Youth and teen overnight campers ages 9-16 years, counselors-in-training and day campers ages 5-8 years will all register through UltraCamp’s online registration system.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you've registered, you'll receive confirmation emails from UltraCamp with important documents to complete the registration. If you have any questions about registration, please contact Pame Chow at or 541-687-2202 ext. 122.

Oregon Camp

Oregon Camp:

July 17-21 ($525.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is July 20 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person)

32149 SE Stevens Road
Corbett, OR 97019

Nestled in the beautiful Sandy River Valley, Camp Angelos lies along the river's edge on 75 acres, only 30 minutes by freeway from Portland. This excellent setting offers the opportunity to experience the essential natural qualities that are the heart of Oregon. Within this environment, the camp provides the optimum in facilities: comfortable cabins, modern bathhouse facilities, First Aid Station, and a magnificent lodge at the hub of it all. Hiking trails, campfire area, playing fields, and the splendid Sandy River combine in a natural setting that makes Camp Angelos truly stand out.

Visit the camp site here

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Wisconsin Camp

July 24-28 ($525.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is July 27 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person)

N7891 US Highway 12
Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121

Lutherdale is ideally located in southeastern Wisconsin where open space, lakes, and recreation are a way of life. Lutherdale was founded on the shores of Lauderdale Lakes in 1944 and has grown to serve over 10,000 people annually.

Visit the camp site here

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Nebraska Camp

August 1-5 ($525.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is August 4 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person

27416 Ranch Road
Ashland, NE 68003

Carol Joy Holling Camp is located on 317 acres near Ashland, NE and serves nearly 1,600 campers each summer!

Visit the camp site here

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East Coast Camp

August 7-12 (625.00)
$20 additional for 14-16 year old campers

Day camp is August 11 ($70.00 child/parent and $20.00 per extra person)

661 Rose Hill Rd.
Lake Como, PA 18437

Perlman Camp offers a fun and inclusive family atmosphere, which provides opportunities for growth and the development of a sense of self. We offer a traditional camping experience that encompasses athletics, arts, aquatics, outdoor adventure, ethics, and values.

Visit the camp site here

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Day Camp

Day camp is tailored for adoptees and parents to experience together. This single day of workshops, activities and games for adoptees and their parents will help foster new skills to talk about adoption in a fun and exciting setting. The program includes adoptee identity and race/racism education, Q&A sessions with adult adoptees and an emphasis on interactivity with both other adoptees and adoptive parents. This day camp is also an excellent way to experience our full adoptee camp without the week-long, overnight commitment! Day camp is open to all international, transracial, transcultural adoptees 5-8 years old and their parents.

The cost is $70 per parent/child pair and $20 for each additional adoptee or parent.

Eligible Participants: This program is available to all international, transracial, or transcultural adoptees and their parents. All children must be accompanied by at least one parent. Children ages 5-8 recommended.

Time: The program will begin at 10:00 AM and continue until 4:00 PM. The date will be the Wednesday of every camp week (Thursday for Nebraska and East Coast/PA Camp).

  • Oregon Day Camp – July 20 – Camp Angelos, Corbett, OR
  • Wisconsin Day Camp – July 27 – Camp Lutherdale, Elkhorn,WI
  • Nebraska Day Camp – August 4 – Camp Carol Joy Holling, Ashland,NE
  • Pennsylvania Day Camp – August11 – Camp Perlman, Starlight, PA

Content: The program will be geared towards social interaction with other adoptive families and adoptees. There will be workshops for parents and adoptees together and separately.

Cost: $70 for parent/child pair; $20 for each additional family member

Meals: Lunch is provided with the registration fee.

Sample Schedule:
10:00 – Arrival, Registration, Welcome
10:20 – Introduction – Icebreaker games
10:30 – Split Group Adoption Session (adoptees receive their own, age-appropriate session while parents receive their own session)
11:30 – Family Art Project
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Camp Staff Q&A
2:00 – Swimming and Parent/Child Activity
3:00 – Joint Parent/Child Adoption Session
3:30 – Closing
4:00 – Farewells

Contact Pame Chow, camp registrar, with any questions.

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As the parent of an international and/or transracial adoptee, there's an added layer of complexity in your family. Your children may have questions about identity or feelings of isolation and not fitting in. Holt Adoptee camp offers a unique experience for your children, providing them a safe environment to discuss these feelings. As a community of adoptees, we support each other, understand each other and most of all, have fun together.

We work with a curriculum specifically designed for the adoptee. Every day, we spend about an hour in large and small groups, focusing on issues surrounding adoption, identity and questions about race that many campers share.

Safety is our first priority with your children. Our staff is carefully selected, screened, and then professionally trained for 40 hours before camp begins. We're committed to keeping the camper physically and emotionally safe, so they can fully benefit from the camp experience.

Please contact Pame Chow if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you this summer.



Holt doesn't accept emails for the campers. We don't have the resources to get the email and then print them.


Feel free to send letters and care packages to your child while they're at camp. It will take a few days for the mail to arrive, so take that into account when mailing.

Holt Camp (Camper Name)
Camp Angelos
32149 SE Stevens Road
Corbett,OR 97019

Holt Camp (Camper Name)
Camp Lutherdale
N7891 US Highway 12
Elkhorn,WI 53121

Holt Camp (Camper Name)
Camp Carol Joy Holling
27416 Ranch Road
Ashland, NE 68003

Holt Camp (Camper Name)
Camp Perlman
661 Rose Hill Road
Lake Como, PA 18437

Phone Calls

In rare cases of extreme homesickness, a call home is allowed, usually to have the parent come pick up their child early. If an emergency happens where the parent needs to contact the camper, you can use these camp numbers. They will connect you with the campsite and will then deliver the message to the camp director.

• Camp Angelos/OR

• Camp Lutherdale/WI

• Camp Carol Joy Holling/NE

•Camp Perlman/PA

Opening/Closing Days

Opening Day

Registration will begin at 2:00 on the opening day at your particular camp site. This gives you an hour window to check in your camper and their medications before camp starts.

The camp will officially begin at 3:00. At this time, kids will leave with their counselors and camp will start. You are responsible for your camper until this time. The purpose of this policy is not to inconvenience our camper families, but to ensure that we are 100% ready for your children. Our staff will be taking advantage of every minute prior to 3:00. We appreciate your patience.

Closing Day

There will be an adult adoptee panel for questions from parents that will begin at 2:45 Thursday. It will take us right into the closing program.

The closing program will be on Thurday except NE and PA will be on Friday. The program will consist of presentations from campers and staff.


Health Form

Liability Release Form

Media Release Form

Emergency Contact Form

** Also we will need a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card. You may either scan/email, fax (541-683-6175/attn: Pame Chow) or mail in hard copies of the forms.

Holt International – 250 Country Club Road – Eugene, Oregon 97401/attn: Pame Chow **

Our Counselor in Training (CIT) program is designed for 17 year olds to transition from camper to leader. The CITs will arrive early on registration day to receive training on safety, camper/counselor contact, group management skills, and general camp activities. After the training, the CIT will be assigned to a senior counselor to shadow for the week. CITs will sleep in the cabins with their campers and help their senior counselor lead activities and assist them as they need it.

The CIT program only requires you to work one camp, not all five like our senior staff. You are also responsible for travel to and from the camp. The CIT fee is the same as a camper’s fee.

Being a CIT is a great opportunity to gain experience leading groups, supervising children, assist in programming, and staying connected to Holt Camp. The experience is very different from being a camper, but the new role allows you to experience camp in a new and exciting way. It also gives you a good idea whether or not you'd like to consider applying for full-time staff once you've graduated from high school.

To register to be a CIT, click on the applications link.

We are looking for enthusiastic adult adoptees to be camp staff with us this summer. The staff is required to work with Holt for five weeks from July 9-August 13, 2016. This time includes one week of staff training before camps begin. Once the camp season is under way, we’ll travel together across the country to serve hundreds of transracial and international adoptees. Through organized small group times and everyday interactions, you’ll have the opportunity to mentor the campers while helping them grow and be their best.

How to Apply
If you’re interested in being a Holt camp staff person, all you need to do is click here to apply online. It’s very competitive and applicants are considered on a first come, first serve basis. In the past years we had over twice as many applicants as we had positions to fill.

Once we receive the completed application, the camp director will contact you and set up a time for an interview. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your interest in helping adoptees.

Staff Benefits — The Best Part
The Holt Camp experience is unlike anything else in the world. As a staff person, you’ll learn valuable skills in team building, group management, camp programming, and First Aid and CPR. Being part of a team, affecting lives of campers, making lifelong friendships, and volunteering your time are not only personally rewarding, but also look great on resumes and applications for college scholarships and jobs.

As a Holt Camp staff member, you'll have the opportunity to see five different parts of the country during our time together. While you volunteer your time, travel, room and board are all expenses covered by Holt.

Time off
While a majority of our time will be spent with campers, the staff will get 24 hours off each week to relax and recharge for the next group we’ll serve.

Every staff person will be accountable to the Camp Director, but will also be accountable to each other. As a team, we’ll be counting on one another for support, ideas, and encouragement throughout the summer.

During your time with us, you'll be either a counselor or support staff. Everyone will at some point have the opportunity to be a counselor and work directly with the kids. Enrollment for any particular week will determine who and how many will be on support. As support staff, you'll be a "floater," making sure that activities are running smoothly and counselors have what they need, and taking care of any miscellaneous tasks assigned by the director.

As a counselor, you’ll have many responsibilities. We’ve broken them down into two categories.

1. Campers
You’re responsible for the safety of the campers for 24 hours a day as soon as they check in until they check out. You’ll assist in leading them in scheduled activities throughout the day. You’ll live with them in cabins with 8 campers (at the most). You’ll lead your cabin group in discussions on race, identity, and adoption. You’ll set the standard for your campers in the areas of: sportsmanship, environmental stewardship, punctuality, and interaction with peers.

2. Camp Activities
  • Counselors will be assigned to teach and lead certain camp activities, based on interest and skill sets.
  • Counselors will participate in all activities, setting the mood for the campers. A counselor who’s having fun leads to campers having fun.

Typical Camp Day
(Schedule will vary depending on camp site and camper age)

8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Group games
10:00 Rock climbing, boating, lake activities
11:00 Adoption lesson
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Recharge
2:00 Swimming
4:00 Group games
5:00 Dinner skit prep
6:00 Dinner
6:45 Small group adoption discussion
7:15 Evening activities
8:30 Campfire
9:30 Return to cabin, get ready for bed.

Contact Us

Contact Us!

For more information or to ask direct questions about camp, staff, campsites, etc., please contact:

Pame Chow, Holt Camp registrar
541-687-2202 ext. 122