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Adoption Records FAQs

1. Does Holt have copies of my adoption papers?
Yes. Holt is required by state law to maintain adoption records permanently. Please see "The Holt Vault" by Kathye Schied.
2. May I have copies of these records?
Yes. Adoptees who are 18 or older and adoptive parents of a minor adoptee may have copies of these records.
3. What is in my adoption papers?
What is actually in your adoption records varies by the country you were adopted from and the year in which you were adopted. Typically, there are an intake report that will include details about how you came into care, medical reports dating from the intake, and legal papers.
4. Are these papers different from what my adoptive parents received?
No. Your adoptive parents received a copy of everything in Holt's file about you.
5. Does Holt have information about my birth family's medical history in their files?

There is rarely any medical history related to the birth family in our files. There usually is medical history for the adoptee, dating from the time that he or she came into Holt's care.

6. How can I get my birth family's medical history?

If you are 18 or older, you may search for your birth family and ask them directly, if they are found.

7. Are my birth parents' names and addresses in Holt's file?
Whether or not birth parents' names are in Holt's file depends upon the circumstances surrounding how you came into care and the country from which you are adopted.
8. If my birth parent's names are in the file, will Holt release these names to me?
Yes, if our overseas partner permits us to do so.
9. Why do some of Holt's overseas partners object to releasing birth parent names?
They worry that adoptees will use the information to contact birth parents and will accidentally expose the fact to other family members that the birth parent has borne a child out of wedlock. In cultures where unwed pregnancy is intensely shameful, this information could disrupt significant relationships and cause intense pain.
10. How do I get copies of my Holt file and of any additional information that might be available overseas?
Please contact the Post Adoption Services program and we will inform you about our procedures and fees. Your contact with us is confidential.

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