Sponsors are…

A Bridge of Love

  • 1 Family Preservation
  • 2 Foster Family
  • 3 Child Care Center
  • 4 Long-Term Family Like Care
  • 5 Children with Special Needs
  • 5 In Country Adoption
  • 5 Intercountry Adoption

Holt strives to do what's best for every child in our care. Sometimes the best solution is to reunite a child with his or her birth family – and help that family succeed. As a Holt sponsor, you help provide care for an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child until Holt can unite that child with a permanent, stable family.

  • Family Strengthening – Whenever possible, Holt seeks to preserve children's birth families. Holt provides counseling services, income-generating loans, and basic necessities that help keep at-risk families from abandoning their children.
  • Temporary Foster Care – Holt aims to provide children with this quality, family-based alternative to institutional care while we work to find them permanent families.
  • Child Care Centers – In some instances, children are placed in child care centers. The centers are staffed with a high ratio of care providers, where children receive individualized, family-like care while awaiting permanent placement.
  • Long Term Family-Like Care – Sometimes, long-term group home placement is necessary for children who cannot be adopted.
  • Children With Special Needs – Children who are older, have disabilities, or are part of a sibling group and must wait longer to be adopted.
  • In-Country Adoption –Adoption is the best solution for children who cannot grow up with birth families. Holt works toward in-country adoption when it is best for the child.
  • Intercountry Adoption – After carefully considering each child's individual needs and circumstances, Holt pursues international adoption for children who can't be reunited with their birth families or be placed domestically.

Getting Started

Your gift of $30 per month helps provide:

  • Nutritious food
  • Clean clothing
  • A safe, healthy living environment
  • Regular medical care
  • Attentive care and social work to guard the child's best interests

Select a child you wish to sponsor from our photo listing. We will send you a packet that includes a photograph of your child, a report on his or her situation, and additional sponsorship information.

The photo listing represents only a small number of children in our program. Additional children, not posted here, are also in need of sponsorship. To learn more about selecting your sponsored child's country, gender or age, contact our office.

You will receive:

  • A progress report with an updated photo of your child, 3 times annually
  • The Holt International magazine
  • Holt's monthly e-newsletter


Most of the children Holt sponsors will be permanently united with families, and grow independent of your support. When you join Holt as a sponsor, your sponsorship will continue even if your child is adopted or reunited with his or her birth family. We will notify you when your child is safe and secure in a stable, loving family and send you information about a new child who needs you. In this way, your ongoing sponsorship commitment blesses not just one, but many children's lives.