Meet the Staff

Holt’s Post Adoption Services team is here to help; we’re a diverse team of six professionals providing services in everything from background documentation, to parent education, to camps and picnics.


Sunday 1Sunday Silver, MA

Sunday, director of post adoption services, received her masters of arts in marriage and family therapy in 1993.  She directs Holt’s Post Adoption Services department and provides post-adoption counseling.  She came to Holt in 1992 and has provided post-adoption services to all triad members in one capacity or another through pregnancy counseling, education and direct services to adoptive parents, and counseling and search services to adult adoptees.


Steve Kalb, LMSW  stevek@holtinternational.orgSteve 1

Steve, director of adoptee services, is an adult adoptee from the Midwest.  He received his masters of social work in 2009 and is currently pursuing his Ph. D. in social work and social research, focusing on adoptee community and empowerment models.  Since 2005, Steve has worked directly with hundreds of adoptees through the adoptee camps and birth search counseling.  He has seen the need for, and benefit of, a strong adoptee community; that experience guides his adoptee advocacy work at Holt.


Deb 1Debby Hanson

Debby, Holt’s administrative coordinator for post adoption services, talks with adult adoptees, adoptive families, and birth families about Holt’s services, works with international programs to collect background information, assists with citizenship questions, and conducts searches for adoptees and birth family.  Debby has been with Holt since 2005 as the coordinator for post adoption.  She is the mother of a transracial adoptee, has two adopted siblings, one of whom is a birth parent who relinquished a child for adoption, giving her first-hand experience with all sides of the adoption triad.



Pame Chow  pamec@holtinternational.orgPame 1

Pame, Holt’s adoptee services coordinator, has been with Holt since 2003, working in many different areas at Holt throughout the years.  Pame’s primary responsibility is camp registrar, picnic coordinator and annual report processing.  She is also the mother of a transracial adoptee.



Chelsie Simonson

As Holt’s post-placement coordinator for all country programs except China, Chelsie is responsible for providing case management to families from the time of their arrival home with their child through file closure. She provides guidance to families throughout the post-placement period while also ensuring that Holt is in full compliance with each sending country’s reporting requirements. Chelsie loves exploring culture and has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. She loves to travel, whether it be day trips to enjoy the beautiful Oregon landscapes, visiting family in Minnesota, or exploring various regions of Mexico. She also has an associate’s degree in photography and enjoys photographing her adventures.



Katelyn Marks

Camp Director Katelyn Marks is an Adult Adoptee raised in the Northwest. She received her B.A. in philosophy from the University of Oregon and is currently pursuing a master of social work degree at Portland State University. Katelyn is responsible for program development, oversight and coordination of Holt Adoptee Camp.