For Birth Parents

For Birth Parents

Pregnant mom 2If you are a birth parent who relinquished a child through Holt International Children’s Services, whether you lived in the U.S. or internationally, we have a number of services to offer.  

Services for Birth Parents living in the United States includes:

Confidential Intermediary Services

Holt encourages birth parents to correspond with the adoptee or adoptive family if their whereabouts are known and they are open to communication. Even if the adoptee or family is not currently available, birth parents may send letters and photos through us to be placed in the adoptee’s file. They will be available there for the adoptee if she or he comes forward. Guidelines for sending letters and photos are available upon request.

Counseling & Referral Services 

Everyone, at one time or another, feels the need for an empathic listener and expert advice.  One of our social workers can assist you in determining what resources you may need and how to go about obtaining them.  We want to help.  Please click here.

Birth Family Search

Birth parents and adoptees may search for each other after the adoptee reaches the age of 18. Because Holt’s headquarters are in Oregon, Oregon law governs all post-adoption services by Holt, such as birth search. Oregon Statutes 109.425 & 109.455 requires an adoptee to be 18 or older to initiate a search, and has to initiate the search themselves.  A birth parent may initiate the search if the adoptee is 18 or older.


Birth parents living in the country of birth:

In most countries, Holt International partners with a local agency to assist with adoptions.  When you relinquished your child, you probably worked with one of these partners.  We recommend that you contact your local agency to begin the search process, or to correspond with your child and their adoptive family.  If you no longer live in that country, or don’t know which agency to contact, please let us know; we may be able to assist you or direct you to the proper agency.

Examples of Holt’s partner agencies are: Holt Vietnam, Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF), Holt Children’s Services of Korea, Holt Sahathai Foundation, Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra (BSSK), and many more.

To begin your investigation, we must first confirm that Holt International assisted with your child’s adoption. Once this has been verified, you’ll receive an email and further instructions for requesting any of the options noted above. Please follow the link below to contact us. Someone will respond within 2-3 days, if possible.


Resources for Birth Parents:


Pact- An Adoption Alliance:


A Letter To Adoptive Parents On Open Adoption by Randolph Severson

Dear Birthmother by Kathleen Silber & Phyllis Speedlin

My Special Family: A Children’s Book About Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber and Debra Marks Parelskin

Open Adoption: A Caring Option by Jean Warren Lindsay

Painful Lessons, Loving Bonds: The Heart of Open Adoption by March Wineman Axness