David Kim Endowment

What is the David Kim Endowment?
To enable Holt International to care for more children with special needs and to increase the number of such children who are adopted into loving families, we have established The David Kim Endowment for Children with Special Needs.

Orphaned or abandoned children who are older, have medical conditions, and/or are part of a sibling group must often wait a long time - sometimes years – to be adopted. For many, finding a family to love and care for them never materializes. We intend to increase our services to children with special needs, ensuring that many more of them find permanent, loving homes and families. Those who are placed often present additional parenting challenges, and so families need expanded post-adoptive services.

An Opportunity to Transform the Lives of Orphaned/Abandoned Children
with Special Needs

Every gift — no matter what amount — will be welcomed and appreciated. Some may choose to make a one-time gift. Others can do more by making a pledge, payable over three or more years. Ninety-two percent of every gift will go into an endowment to generate ongoing support for special needs adoptions and services. A small portion (8%) will offset administrative/printing/mailing costs. The David Kim Endowment for Children with Special Needs, expected to grow over the coming years, will enable Holt to:

• Reduce adoption fees for families whose ability to parent exceeds their financial means, giving Holt greater flexibility in placing children.

• Increase the capacity necessary to identify prospective adoptive families and prepare them for the unique and challenging medical, emotional and social needs that must be met so that these children can flourish.

• Expand post-adoptive services. Holt International – the organization that pioneered intercountry adoption and maintains a demonstrated commitment to placing children with special needs into adoptive families – will be at the forefront of providing resources and support for parents who have opened their hearts and homes to children with special needs. Adoption is a lifelong commitment, and Holt will be there with the families who step forward and say, "This child is to be my son or daughter."

• Support Ilsan, located outside of Seoul, South Korea. Ilsan has a long and special relationship with Holt International. Originally built by Harry Holt and David Kim in the 1950's as a temporary orphanage, the Ilsan Center has transitioned into a center for children with moderate to severe disabilities. Some of the residents are now in their fifties and have been at Ilsan their entire life. For those residents Ilsan is home. Ilsan also serves as a training facility for others with disabilities. Today, nearly 300 children and adults live and develop life-skills at Ilsan. Some find adoptive families; some are trained and supported for independent living. Most, however, remain at Ilsan throughout their lives.

How will the David Kim Endowment be used?
Did you know?...
Nearly 60% of the children Holt placed with adoptive families in 2011
were children with special needs.
About David Kim
Dr. David Kim was the first employee hired by Harry Holt when he arrived in Korea in 1956. Together, they pioneered the modern era of intercountry adoption. It was Dr. Kim's knowledge of Korea and his unwavering tenacity that helped Harry Holt maneuver through uncharted procedures and bureaucracy. More than 55 years later, Dr. Kim is an eloquent champion for homeless and abandoned children throughout the world. For more than five decades he has moved and inspired others by his selfless and unwavering commitment to the dream of Harry Holt that "Every child deserves a home of his own." The David Kim Endowment for Children with Special Needs honors his 55 years of dedicated service to the tens of thousands of children whose lives he touched and forever changed.
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