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Holt International video about China adoptions and families meeting their children

Holt International video about China adoptions and families meeting their children
Holt's China Child of Promise Program

In 2008, Holt created the China Child of Promise option to advocate for young children from China with minor physical issues. Most children of promise have medical or developmental conditions that can be corrected or treated with proper medical care. And because China also urgently wants these children to find families, the wait time to adopt a Child of Promise is often much shorter than the standard process – 12 to 18 months from the time of application to placement! For families already waiting in the standard process, joining the Child of Promise option frequently leads to a quicker match with a child.

Who are the Children of Promise?
Boys and Girls
On average, 18-36 months of age at time of placement
Most have correctable, manageable medical conditions
All are identified from the "shared list" – a list of available children issued by the Chinese government and shared by different agencies

How are the Child of Promise children different from Waiting Children?

Although both Child of Promise and waiting children have some identified physical issue, their needs are generally less involved than the needs of waiting children. Over 75% of the children matched through the Child of Promise option are also under the age of 2 at time of referral.  And because they are quickly matched with families, Child of Promise children are never posted on Holt's Waiting Child photolisting! To be matched with a Child of Promise, you must apply directly to the China program.

What are considered correctable, manageable conditions?
Conditions that can either be corrected with surgery or managed with treatment. These include:
• Cleft lip and palate
• Hepatitis B or treated syphilis
• Minor heart conditions, often already surgically corrected in China
• Minor orthopedic issues such as missing or extra digits, or club foot
• Skin conditions such as burns or birthmarks

Am I eligible?

If you are eligible for the China program and under 50 years old at the time of dossier submission, you are eligible to adopt a China Child of Promise. Joining this program does not exclude you from the standard China process or from considering waiting children. It simply expands your options and gives you the opportunity to bring your child home much quicker!

How do I apply?
Complete Holt's adoption application (including payment of fee), designating China as your country of choice.

Next, complete a medical conditions checklist and return it directly to Holt's China program staff. Throughout the process, we will work closely with you and your social worker to propose a suitable match – a match that best meets the child's needs and best complements your family's strengths. Holt never pressures you to consider conditions you are uncomfortable with, or unprepared to manage.

Already waiting in the standard process?
Many families waiting in the standard process have made the switch to Child of Promise, with overwhelmingly positive response.

Click here to read stories from parents who adopted through this program.
We look forward to assisting you on your adoption journey.

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