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Adoption Fees Overview

An overview of Holt International's Fees

Financial Assistance
Holt believes finances should not stop a child from having a loving family. We offer you these resources to help offset the cost of adoption. Click here for more information.

Application Fee   $300
The nonrefundable application fee must accompany your application form. This fee covers the cost for us to review your application and then determine the best direction to take with your adoption process.
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Adoption Study Fee   $2,500-$2,900 plus mileage* (If Holt Provides)
If you live in a state where Holt has a branch office, Holt will conduct your adoption home study. The fee we charge covers the cost of preparing and completing this study, including parent training and education, and payment will be due before the first meeting. Holt will provide you with child and family-specific training as part of this fee. You will also be required to complete general adoption trainings through online courses, which will be charged separately. If you live in a state not served by a Holt branch office, your adoption study will be provided and billed by a Holt cooperating agency. The cost of a home study through one of Holt's cooperating agencies will likely range from $1,500-$4,500. (Return to the Adoption Fees Overview)

Adoption Study Update Fee $500 plus mileage* (If Holt Provides)
You may need to update your adoption home study before your adoption is complete, due to requirements outlined by your state of residence, by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or by the child's country. This fee covers the cost of completing a home study update that requires a home visit, and will be due prior to our visit. If you are working with one of Holt's cooperating agencies for home study services, the cost for a home study update can range from $250-$350.
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U.S. Processing Fee   $3,500 The processing fee covers Holt's cost to facilitate your adoption with agency and government officials in both the United States and the country from which you're adopting. Processing expenses for Holt include – but are not limited to – personnel costs, administrative overhead, operational costs, staff training and education, communications and publications costs. This fee also covers registration and translation costs related to submitting your dossier. You will be billed when Holt receives and approves your home study. (This fee is non-refundable)
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Document Processing Fee  $750
This is an optional service available to families adopting from China and Ethiopia. If you choose this service, Holt staff will assist in obtaining vital records needed for your dossier and have the documents certified as required by county, state, federal and foreign governments. They will also make necessary photocopies and mount photographs required for your dossier. The document processing fee does not cover fees charged by government offices to certify the documents nor the cost to mail documents via Federal Express or priority mail. Families are responsible for these charges.
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Adoption Program Fee  $11,890-$25,000

The adoption program fee helps cover the cost to facilitate the adoption in your child's birth country. This includes, but is not limited to, costs for personnel, administrative overhead, training, education, legal services and communications, working with government and agency authorities, legal fees, and passport and U.S. visa fees in the child's country. This fee also covers costs related to the care of your child prior to adoption, including – but not limited to – costs for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, foster care, orphanage care, and any other services provided directly to your child. It also includes any mandatory donations required by child welfare authorities. This fee may also cover child welfare projects in your child's country of origin.

The adoption program fee will be due when you accept the assignment of a child. Fees for adopting older children or children with moderate to major special needs may be reduced, depending on country. China does not offer a fee reduction but families may be considered for Special Needs Adoption Fund grants if financially eligible.

Country Fee Country Fee Country Fee
China $15,000 India $14,360 Philippines $13,360
Ethiopia $18,900 Korea $22,500 Thailand $12,360
Haiti $25,000 Mongolia $11,890 Vietnam $13,360

Siblings: If you accept the referral of a sibling group of two or more children, you will be charged adoption program fees for the two oldest children -- regardless of the total number of children in the sibling group.
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Korea Travel Fee $600:
Holt-Korea charges a travel fee for coordinating the transition of a child to their adoptive family.

Post Placement Fee: $400 per report plus mileage* (if provided by Holt)
This fee covers the cost of follow-up visits with your social worker and post-placement reports for the overseas office, as required by your child's birth country. Post-placement visits give you an opportunity to receive support while you and your child are adjusting to each other. Usually the same agency provides both the adoption study and post-placement services. If you are working with one of Holt's cooperating agencies for post-placement services, the cost can range from $1,000-$3,000.

* Mileage is charged for each home visit at a rate of $.50 per mile and payment will be due before we issue the report.

Post Placement Processing Fee – China only $900: This processing fee covers the administrative cost to review, prepare and submit post-placement reports for China, including translation fees.
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Fee Reductions
Fees are reduced in the following situations:

  • Holt reduces the adoption program fee for families adopting children who have moderate to severe medical needs, are older in age or part of a large sibling group. Fee adjustments will be made at the time of child assignment.
  • Families who need financial assistance to adopt a waiting child or a child with a special need may apply for a grant from Holt's Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF). Requests for SNAF grants are considered on a case-by-case basis at the time of assignment.

Fee Refunds
If for some unforeseen reason you need to withdraw from the adoption process before your child arrives home, Holt will refund a percentage of your fees (within 60 days of the completion of services). The amount refunded depends on the following circumstances:

Percent of Refund
Family cancels; withdraws after accepting child assignment: U.S. Processing 0%
Adoption Program 50%
Post Placement Fees 100%
Overseas agency cancels assignment after family accepts child: U.S. Processing 0%
Adoption Program 100%
Post Placement Fees 100%

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Other Expenses Anticipate:
Prepare to pay some additional expenses to various third party service providers when completing your adoption. These include:

Child Prediction Pathway: $250 ( For branch families only) | Once you are matched with a child, your social worker will meet with you to review the characteristics of the child you are adopting, and create a written plan identifying your child's potential needs and listing specific resources available to you in your community to help address those needs. This fee is billed after you are assigned a child and is due prior to the visit. This fee is waived if the child predication path is completed in conjunction with a home study update visit.

USCIS application $805-$1,250
All U.S. families must receive approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before bringing a child to the U.S. for adoption. USCIS requires families pay an application fee, fingerprinting fee and, in some cases, a renewal or change fee.

Adoption Education Classes $150-$500
You will be required to complete a number of general adoption trainings using approved online courses. The cost of these courses may vary, depending on your interest in taking additional courses beyond the required minimum.

Dossier Preparation $100-$700
The home study and dossier process requires families to obtain official copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees. Some countries require that these and other documents go through a process of notarization, certification and authentication before being submitted. The cost of collecting and certifying these documents will vary depending on the requirements of the country you adopt from.

Travel expenses $3,000-$15,000
Travel expenses vary greatly depending on the number of trips required, the number of people in your travel party, and the time of year that you travel. These expenses include airfare, lodging, meals and ground transportation, as well as the cost of obtaining visas to travel to your child's country, if required.

Adoption Finalization $500-$1,500
Some adoptions are finalized in the child's country of birth, while in others, the adoptive family is granted temporary guardianship of their child while completing a required post-placement period. Holt strongly recommends that all families finalize or re-finalize their child's adoption in their state of residence. Depending on your state's requirements, you may need to obtain help from an attorney to complete the court finalization process.
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