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An exciting change for waiting children...

Across the globe and agency-wide, the face of international adoption has changed.

As economies grow and cultures change, more orphaned and abandoned children are finding adoptive families in their birth countries. This has, in effect, opened up more opportunities for children with special needs, older children and sibling groups – Holt's "waiting children" – to join loving families through international adoption.

At Holt, we see this as both a reason to celebrate – and to step up our efforts in finding adoptive families open to children with special needs.

Why adopt a Waiting Child through Holt?

Holt's Waiting Child Program (WCP) staff work with you in assessing what child profile is right for your family. We provide resources and mentor families to help you learn more about a specific special need. When you express interest in a waiting child, we help you get to know the child through follow-up medical, educational and personality information. Finally, once you're matched, we bring you into the capable hands of our country program staff, who then guide you through your child's adoption process.

These are just a few of the children who are still waiting for a family...

Waiting Child Photolisting

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