Holt International

Child Sponsorship FAQs

How long is a child in the sponsorship program?
Children can be in the sponsorship program anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, depending on the child's circumstances. Some children will eventually join adoptive families, while others are already living with their birth families. For these children, sponsorship provides essential support while Holt works with their family to achieve stability and self-reliance. Children remain in sponsorship for however long it takes for them to have a safe, stable home environment.
How long is my sponsorship commitment?
Many children are in a state of crisis when they enter sponsorship, and our goal is to lovingly support and care for them until we can ensure a safe, stable home environment.

We continue your sponsorship until you request for us to cancel your monthly contributions. Your sponsorship commitment will flow from child to child as one child leaves Holt's care, and another becomes available for sponsorship. If you need to cancel your sponsorship and corresponding donation, please call us and allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Are all of Holt's sponsored children adopted?
Not all children in sponsorship are on the path to adoption. Children in Holt's sponsorship program live in many different situations. Some live with their birth families and receive assistance for school. Others live in a care facility, foster care or group home. Upon admittance, we assess each child's unique situation and needs. We then create a plan to ensure the child is on the path to a loving and stable home – whether that be with their birth family or with an adoptive family.
How often will I receive news on my sponsored child?
You will receive a current child report and picture several times a year. Social workers and staff who have personal contact with your sponsored child will write your child's progress reports.
Are my contributions tax-deductible?
Yes! Holt qualifies as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3). We will send you a receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible contributions.
How much of my contribution goes to my child?
Holt maintains an efficient, low cost of operation, with a large portion of each gift going toward program activities that directly benefit the children and families we serve. In 2013, approximately 70% of donations went to programs serving children and families.
Does my donation go directly to my child?
In compliance with IRS rules, tax-deductible donations are not given directly to a child. For each country program, Holt pools sponsors' donations to provide for the children in care in that country. This approach allows Holt to equally distribute donations among the children in care – ensuring a stable source of support for all children, including your sponsored child.
Are children sponsored by more than one donor?
Holt's care for children is unique because, in most cases, we are providing the majority of support for the child's livelihood—not just assistance to the child's community. This high level of care and responsibility means that our monthly cost of caring for a child exceeds $30. Because of this, we allow children to be supported by multiple sponsors.
Can I adopt my sponsored child?
The child sponsorship program provides the essential support children need to grow and thrive while Holt works to ensure for them a safe, stable home environment. Although vital to a child's care during this time, child sponsorship is not considered a pathway to adoption. When you're ready to build your family, please contact Holt's adoption counselor for more information about the children available for adoption.
Can I choose the age, gender or country of the child I sponsor?
Contact us if you have a preference to sponsor children of a specific age, gender or country. We'll do our best to match you with a child who fits your interests!