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Meet the China Team

U.S. Staff
Yue Jian Chen

Yue Jian Chen, Vice President of China Program – Jian loves to cook, eat, and garden. She especially loves to eat the food she cooks from her garden! Jian travels between China and the US often, and spends a lot of time navigating between cultures.

Jian oversees and directs all operations for the China program, supervising Holt staff in both the U.S. and China. She establishes and maintains communication flow between overseas programs and the Holt office in Eugene. Jian also builds collaborative relationships with child welfare and legal authorities overseas to ensure smooth operations between embassy and consulate staff in China and the US. In the US, she advocates for Holt families who are traveling overseas. She is the recipient of the 2005 Angels in Adoption award.

Beth Smith

Beth Smith,LBSW, MSED, Director of Adoption Services, China -Beth received her Bachelor's in Social Work from Cornell University and her Master's degree in Community Health Education from State University of New York at Cortland. After many years working in social work and health care management positions, Beth was hired in her current position at Holt’s China Program in 1998.

Beth oversees Holt's services to families adopting from China. She coordinates all aspects of the China adoption process from intake through finalization of each family's adoption. Beth also works directly with social workers and families when reviewing referrals of children with special needs.
Direct Line: 541-505-5566

Marissa Leuallen

Marissa Leuallen, LMSW, Social Work Manager, China -Marissa has worked at Holt International since 2004. She received her Master of Social Work degree in 2010 and Post-Graduate Certificate in Therapy with Adoptive and Foster Families in 2012. She enjoys the outdoors and exercise in her spare time.

Marissa coordinates home study approval and provides case consultation to direct social workers and families throughout the process. She also provides preparation support to families adopting older children to ensure the successful adjustment of both child and family. Marissa also assists the director of services in the supervision of all child and family case-related processes.
Direct Line: 541-505-5598

Kris Bales

Kris Bales, LPC, LMFT, Adoption Counselor, China – Kris holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University. She has been a licensed family counselor for more than 25 years and started at Holt in 2003. She lives in Oregon with her husband and their two teenage daughters who were adopted from China.

Kris shares information about the China program, answers questions, and helps families interested in adoption get started with the process. She also answers inquiries about children on the photo listing. Kris helps prepare families adopting older children by providing resources and connecting them with mentor families. She is also available to families who need additional support.
Direct Line: 541-840-3485

Noelle Unterberger

Noelle Unterberger, Early Process & Dossier Assistant – Noelle graduated from the University of Oregon in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in English. As a reader, writer, and editor, she enjoys learning about different people, cultures, and places. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, and being outdoors. Noelle welcomes families to the China program, answers questions about the home study, dossier and USCIS processing and provides the Document Processing Service (DPS). She is responsible for processing home studies as well as reviewing dossiers for accuracy and shipping them to China.
Direct Line: 541-505-5577

stephanie raymond

Sasha Sobremonte, Early Process & Dossier Assistant – Stephanie graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master’s degree in Sociology in 2012. As a graduate student, she focused her studies and research on adoptive parents. In 2007, she accompanied her parents on their trip to China to adopt her youngest sister. Stephanie began working at Holt in 2014.

Stephanie welcomes families to the China program, answers questions about the home study, dossier and USCIS processing and provides the Document Processing Service (DPS). She is responsible for processing home studies as well as reviewing dossiers for accuracy and shipping them to China.
Direct Line: 541-505-5557


Jessica Stefely, Child Match Coordinator- Jessica graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology in 2000. She began working at Holt in the Waiting Child Program in 2002, and moved to the China program in 2004. After taking a break for several years to spend time with her two small children, Jessica rejoined the China team in 2014.

Jessica assists families who are considering adopting a child with special needs. She obtains and distributes updates, tracks new child referrals, maintains the photolisting, and provides support for families and team members during the matching process.
Direct Line: 541-505-5578

Amy Castle

Amy Castle, Family Case Coordinator – Amy graduated from the University of Oregon in 2011 with a Bachelor's in Sociology and Psychology. She started at Holt as an intern while in college. She has held in several different positions since then, working in each phase of the China adoption process. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Social Work from Portland State University.

Amy works with families from the time they are matched until pre-travel. She follows up with our overseas staff to get medical information and child updates, and sends family photo albums to children in China. She coordinates the transfer process for families joining Holt from another agency. Amy is the point-person for families in the standard process who have not yet received a child referral. She keeps families informed through email updates, and manages the online handbook.
Direct Line: 541-505-5544

Steve Henjna

Steve Hejna, Travel Coordinator – Steve received a Master's degree in International Studies and has extensive experience living, working, and traveling internationally. He has been working with Holt’s China program since 1995 and has been a dossier specialist and assistant manager, but for most of the time, over 15 years, Steve has been the program's travel coordinator.

Steve processes pre-travel paperwork, maintains a database with pre-travel information, and counsels adoptive families about adoption travel through written material, phone conferences and individual communication. Steve coordinates travel and family support with Holt overseas staff and US travel agencies.
Direct Line: 541-505-5579

Sasha Sobremonte

Sasha Sobremonte, China Regional Coordinator – Samantha received her Master's degree in International Studies from the University of Oregon in 2014, where she studied International Development and Chinese Population Policy. She has lived and studied in China for more than two years and has studied Chinese for close to a decade.

Samantha is responsible for creating, developing and managing documents, database files, and informational resources for Holt's family tour to China. She arranges all tour logistics with staff and government bureaus in China. Samantha also assists the vice president with donor communications and information. She maintains statistics on child welfare programs in China, and assists with creating and managing details of quarterly, annual, and other administrative reports. Samantha also manages China Moon, the China program blog.
Direct Line: 541-505-5518

Map of Holt programs in China
Meet the Mainland China Staff
China Staff
Sue Liu, Beijing
Sue Liu
Catherine Han, Guangzhou
Catherine Han
Tracy Lian
Lisa Xu
Amanda Fan
Cathy Yu
Cathy Yu
Echo Jiang
April Xie
Bella Wang
Lillian Li
Vivian Deng
Sandy Geng
Anson Su
Anson Su
Phoebe Xuan
Chris Zhen
Jane Hu
Berry Luo
Anne Kan
Zou Rong
Stephanie Kang
Mi Du
Shirley Wang
Lingling Chen
Lingling Chen
Guanglang Lu
Guanglang Lu
Grace Li
Grace Li
Ruth Jin
Ruth Jin
Yu Jian Chen and Senator Ron Wyden
Washington, DC, August 2005
Yu Jian Chen from Eugene, OR visited Washington DC to receive the Angels in Adoption Award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption. Mrs. Chen is Holt's Senior Executive of International Programs – China. Ron Wyden nominated her for this award for her extraordinary work over the last decade supporting children and adoption.
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