How Sponsorship Works

Every Child Deserves a Home!

Sixty years of experience has shown us that children thrive in families. That's why the ultimate goal of Holt's child sponsorship program is to ensure that every child has a stable, loving home. Your sponsorship support acts as the hands and feet of Jesus to help reach these two goals:


Strengthening and
preserving families

Your support will help a struggling family stay together and grow stable long-term by keeping children in school, providing regular medical care, nutrition and counseling, and giving parents the opportunity to learn new job skills.


Finding families
for children

Whenever possible, we work to keep sponsored children with their families. If that's not an option for your sponsored child, then your support will provide the highest quality care while we find the right adoptive family in the child's birth country or in the United States.

Help a Child Today, Prepare Them for Tomorrow

For $34 per month, you can help provide everything an orphaned or vulnerable child needs to survive today — and thrive tomorrow. With your support, we work to develop a holistic, individualized plan for every child in our sponsorship program. We partner with local schools, churches, child welfare organizations, government officials and individual sponsors like you to provide services that help struggling families grow stable and self-reliant, and to provide quality care to orphaned, homeless or displaced children. Together, we work to ensure all children can reach their full thriving potential.

Depending on the needs of the child you sponsor, your monthly gifts may provide:

  • FOOD

    Today: Warm, healthy meals take away hunger

    Tomorrow: Regular, balanced nutrition ensures children grow up healthy and strong


    Today: Your sponsorship support covers fees for school, daycare or preschool

    Tomorrow: Through education, children learn the skills they need to dream big and break the cycle of poverty forever



    Today: Fight preventable illness and malnutrition to keep your sponsored child safe

    Tomorrow: Ongoing access to medical care is critical to the health and stability of entire families



    Today: Because stable, loving families raise healthy, happy children, sponsorship support helps an entire household

    Tomorrow: Vocational training, education, microloan programs, counseling and community groups give parents the tools they need to provide a safe, financially stable home environment



    Today: For children waiting to reunite with their family or join an adoptive one, foster care provides a more nurturing, home-like environment

    Tomorrow: The individualized attention children receive from foster families help them thrive in permanent families


Preventing Child Abandonment, Caring for Orphans

Most children live with their family, but are at risk of separating due to poverty or other hardship. Holt's on-the-ground staff work with whole families to provide the tools and resources families need to grow stable over time. Some children have been orphaned or abandoned, and live in a Holt care center until they can reunite with their family or be adopted into a loving family in their home country or in the U.S.

Sponsorship Stat

Give a Voice to the Voiceless

The children in Holt sponsorship are the most vulnerable in the world. They live in difficult-to-reach rural areas, have special medical or physical needs, or may be orphaned or displaced. They often live in extreme poverty — surviving on less than $1 per day. Your sponsorship support, combined with the support of other sponsors, shines a spotlight on the needs of the world's most vulnerable children, families and communities — and supports development that positively impacts entire villages or neighborhoods. Because the cost of care is often more than $34 per month in some countries, most children have more than one sponsor, and we pool sponsorship gifts to ensure every child in our sponsorship programs around the world receives everything they need to thrive.

An example of how sponsorship works:

  1. You sponsor a child.

  2. Other child sponsors choose to sponsor children from the same community.

  3. Holt identifies that one of the greatest needs for your sponsored child, and other children in their community, is access to a school.

  4. With the support from many child sponsors, Holt creates a partnership with an already-existing local school.

  5. Holt works with local government leaders, parents and other charity organizations to ensure the school receives long-term support to hire quality teachers, begin a free lunch program or develop additional services like classes for children with special needs.

A Long-Term Impact

Upholding the example of Jesus, we serve children and families regardless of race, religion, culture or gender. We meet people where they are. Read about two adults who were once sponsored children, but now help other vulnerable children in the community where they were raised.

Mahananda's Story

With the support of a Holt sponsor, Mahananda completed her education and went on to become a Montessori schoolteacher. Today, she works for our partner in the region — educating another generation of sponsored boys and girls from the same slum community where she grew up.


Marlon's Story

When police found Marlon wandering the streets, he was only 5. Raised in orphanages, it was only through Holt's independent living and educational assistance program that he eventually graduated from college and returned to work for Holt's partner organization — serving children and families at risk of separation.


How Often Will I Hear From My Sponsored Child?

At least three times per year, your child or family's advocate, teacher or social worker will help prepare an update directly from the child and family themselves. Children in our programs are eager to share letters, drawings and photos with their sponsors and over time, these updates will show you the incredible impact you are making in your sponsored child's life. For children in the majority of our sponsorship programs, you are welcome to send cards, letters or photos any time, and three times per year, we offer the opportunity to send a birthday, Christmas or back-to-school gift to your sponsored child.

How Long Does My Sponsorship Last?

We work with every child and family in our programs to create a sustainable, long-term plan for the future — a plan where the family is healthy, financially stable and able to independently care for their children. It can take months or years to ensure that children and families have everything they need to thrive. Children remain in our programs until they have a safe, stable home environment and their basic needs are being met. For children waiting for an adoptive family, their sponsorship ends when they finally arrive home — entering the loving care of their permanent family. If your sponsored child leaves our program for any reason, we will notify you as quickly as possible and introduce you to another child who needs your support. You may choose to end your support at any time.

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