Holt's Vision

A world where every child has a loving and secure home.

Leaders Trusted to Keep the Holt Promise

Phil Littleton

Phillip Littleton
President & CEO

As president of Holt International, Phil Littleton has brought clear vision, strong leadership and a passionate commitment to our organization and the children, adoptees and families we serve. In 2012, Phil developed a strategic plan to guide Holt through our next phase of growth and under his leadership, Holt has significantly expanded services and nearly doubled over five years the number of children and families we serve. To embrace our identity as a broader child welfare organization, Phil led a rebranding effort in 2015 and, through the years, Phil has also helped grow our post-adoption services and strengthen advocacy efforts to improve child welfare standards and adoptee rights in the U.S. and around the world. Before joining Holt, Phil worked for what is now the world's largest marketing and communications agency exclusively serving nonprofit organizations – the Russ Reid Company in California. Phil and his wife Julene are the parents of three adopted children.


Caryl Garcia

Caryl Garcia – Senior Vice President, Programs

With more than 20 years of expertise in executive management and international NGO leadership, Caryl has dedicated her life to service. Before joining the leadership team at Holt, Caryl worked as president & CEO of CBM (Christian Blind Mission) and in executive positions at USA for UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) and Winrock International. During her tenure at each organization, Caryl directed long-term strategic planning, fundraising and financial management for humanitarian projects around the world. As Holt's senior vice president for programs, Caryl now provides the overall strategic vision for Holt's international and domestic programs.
Charles Abbey

Charles Abbey – Senior Executive Africa and Haiti Programs

Charles has been actively involved in social development for more than 20 years, previously serving as executive director of the African Development Programme, Ghana, and has several years experience working with the United Nations and international non-profit organizations. Today, Charles oversees Holt's developing programs in Haiti and Africa — a role to which, as a native of Ghana, he brings unique insight and experience.
Thoa Bui

Thoa Bui – Senior Executive, South and Southeast Asia Programs

Thoa implements vision and strategic priorities that ensure growth in programs and services for orphaned and abandoned children in Southeast Asia, advocating for country laws and policies that provide stability and opportunity. As a Vietnam native, Thoa has a unique understanding about the country's culture. In her various positions at Holt, Thoa has frequently traveled back to Vietnam, working with government agencies and Holt partners.
Jian Chen

Jian Chen – Vice President, China Program

Jian has played a crucial role in expanding services to children and families throughout China, building and maintaining critical collaborative relationships with Chinese officials, and creating and training a highly dependable in-country staff. Through these efforts, Jian has helped grow the China program to one of Holt's largest, serving thousands through child welfare programs and placing hundreds of orphaned and abandoned children in loving homes every year.
Susan Cox

Susan Soonkeum Cox – Vice President, Policy and External Affairs

Susan has worked with international adoption and child welfare issues for more than 25 years. Adopted from Korea in 1956, her life experience as an early international adoptee gives her a unique and personal perspective. Susan is a frequent presenter and trainer and has testified before Congress on issues related to adoption, child welfare and foreign affairs. She is a member of the Hague Special Commission on Intercountry Adoption.
David Lim

David Lim – Vice President, Asia Programs

David's innovate spirit and compassion has led him to create several programs for orphaned children, including counseling services for single mothers. David also established Holt's Mongolia program and North Korea orphan projects. Today, David oversees Holt's programs in South Korea and Mongolia and works with overseas governments to advocate for adoption programs and services for orphaned children. He is a father to two children, including a daughter adopted from Korea in 1985.
Lisa Vertulfo

Lisa Vertulfo – Vice President, Adoption Services

Lisa provides guidance and leadership for every step of the adoption process – from family intake to post-adoption – and continually seeks creative ways to develop Holt's services to children and families. Lisa Vertulfo began her Holt career while still in college, as a summer volunteer in Korea. A mother of two, Lisa has two adopted siblings – a brother and sister from Korea – and a niece and nephew – adopted from Korea.
Jack Wharfield

Jack Wharfield – Vice President, Development

Jack's over 25 years of marketing management experience and passion for Holt's mission led him to a position with Holt's marketing team in 2000. In this role, he grew Holt's child sponsorship program, paving the way for hundreds of children in Holt's care to benefit from monthly donations of generous sponsors. Today, Jack is responsible for the planning, design, organization and implementation of strategy for all fundraising activities.

Board of Directors, Holt International

The Holt International Board of Directors is a governing board with a geographically diverse group of directors representing adoptees, adoptive parents, and functional experts with experience in child welfare and special needs, financial, and business operations. These board members volunteer their time and resources to help with the Holt mission to ensure every child has a loving and secure home.

Chuck Mitman

Chuck Mitman, Chair

Chuck Mitman is a principal at Bellrock Controls, Inc., a healthcare decision-making intelligence company, and the co-founder and CEO of Prism eSolutions, a quality and risk management consulting and software company that he sold in 2009. As the founder of Prism China, Chuck frequently traveled to the region over his 20-year tenure with the company and his experiences there initiated his interest in international adoption and child welfare. This compelled him to initially get involved with Holt, where he has served on the board since 2012. Chuck is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church and has served as clerk of session and in other servant positions. He is passionate about serving vulnerable children and families and he is excited to continue fostering Holt's relationship with China and the other countries where we work.
Skip Hanson

Skip Hanson, Vice Chair

Skip Hanson manages the automated self-service technology division for West Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska. He has developed a deep connection to Holt through his wife, Kim, who was adopted from South Korea through Holt in 1971. Skip and Kim also adopted their youngest daughter, Kora, from South Korea through Holt in 1998. They are the parents of three children, including Kora. Kim also served on Holt's board for seven years, and the collective Hanson family has traveled to Korea over ten times in the past eight years. Skip is inspired by his wife and David Kim's example of selfless giving and passion for Holt's mission. Reading David Kim's book, "Who Will Answer," the 2006 Holt Christmas Gift Team trip to Korea and his first visit to Ilsan that year has forever connected Skip to the mission of Holt and the children we serve.
Yolaine Dauphin

Yolaine Dauphin, Secretary

Yolaine is a judge in Chicago, and she volunteers extensively with legal organizations in the area. She is a member of the Illinois Judicial Council, the Black Women Lawyers' Association, the Cook County Bar Association, and the Illinois State Bar Association. As the second vice president of the Haitian American Lawyers' Association, she has organized Help Haiti Rebuild, an ongoing dinner fundraiser that raises money to help rebuilding efforts in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake devastation.

Yolaine actively participates in community organizations and at her church. She has served as a member of World Vision Chicago's Vision Council, where she acted as a child ambassador. In 2007 and 2008, she chaired the planning committee for the World AIDS Day walk and concert, to raise awareness about the plight of orphans around the world. Yolaine is also a member of the operations team at her church.

Yolaine is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Chicago Law School.

Becca Brandt

Becca Brandt

Becca and her husband Kim are Holt parents with six adopted children and two birth children. As a Board member and family physician, Becca has visited Russia, Hong Kong, Haiti, China, India, Nepal, Philippines, Ukraine, Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Mongolia. She does volunteer work with a Down Syndrome Parent Support Group and is a member of various committees in her church. She also enjoys gardening, traveling and good mystery novels. Becca says as a Holt Board member she enjoys "involvement with Holt on so many levels, getting to know other Board members; strengthening my faith." Becca says, "I was deeply touched by knowing Grandma Holt. I always try to remember, "What would Grandma Holt do?' "
Donna Gizbert

Donna Gizbert

Donna and her husband Andy are the parents of two adult children. Donna spent her professional career as a pharmacist and an executive in the pharmacy software industry. As a Holt donor, supporter and friend, Donna has traveled extensively with the organization and has seen the many programs, services and care Holt provides. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve Holt as a Board member and feels privileged to help carry on the mission of Harry and Bertha Holt — helping orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children across the world. Donna says that her role on the board will allow her to give back and help guide Holt as it expands and adapts, while ensuring the organization remains true to the mission God inspired in Harry and Bertha.
Clay Henderson

Clay Henderson

Clay and his wife Shila are the parents of ten children, ages 12 to 33 years. They adopted five children through Holt, beginning in 1997. Clay is retired from the US Army and a Director in the supply chain group at Lam Research Corporation. Clay was privileged to see Holt's work in both Korea, Vietnam and China during his adoption travels and has been committed to helping vulnerable children ever since. As a board member, Clay feels a deep commitment to continue Harry and Bertha Holt's mission because truly, "Every child deserves a home of his own."
David Kim

David Kim

David worked with Harry Holt in the 1950s and 1960s. David is greatly respected in the field of child welfare and adoption. He serves as an ambassador for Holt's work throughout the world. As a Board member and President Emeritus of Holt International, David enjoys seeing Holt continue to grow and serve children. He's grateful for his many years being associated with Holt. He gives glory to God for making Holt such a great organization.
Kim Lee

Kim Lee

Kim was amongst the "first wave" of Korean adoptees and was escorted to the USA by Mr. Harry Holt in 1956. As an adoptee and parent through adoption, she has a unique appreciation and perspective regarding both sides of adoption. She has been an avid supporter of Holt through her involvement and participation as a Holt sponsor since 1978, Heritage Camp counselor and a volunteer escort with more than 40 trips; escorting newly adopted babies and toddlers to their families in the USA and Europe. Her final escort trip was bringing her son home in January 1991. Kim is humbled and honored to serve as a board member and is committed to the original mission of Harry and Bertha Holt.

Tara Linh Leaman

"Tara Linh currently serves as Program Director of Westchester County Department of Social Services' Westchester Building Futures, a multiyear multimillion dollar initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Children's Bureau which assists youth and young adults in foster care and/or alumni of care. She is also the Co-Founder of AmerAsians Building Bridges consulting, which provides training and resources that enrich the lives of members of the adoption and foster care constellations, and their allies. Her writings and presentations include "The Power of Ambiguity", published in the Black Anthology: A Diverse Exploration of the Black Adoptee Journey, and a keynote given at the National Press Club in Washington, DC entitled "Adoption in the Media: Why Context Matters." She has worked internationally and nationally advancing social change, including service as deputy director of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, a teacher in Johannesburg, South Africa, and a law clerk to the Honorable Judith Bartnoff of the District of Columbia Superior Court. Tara serves on the board of Holt International Children's Services and Family Equality Council's National Board of Advisers, and is a graduate of Cornell University and Georgetown Law."
Kenneth Matsuura

Kenneth Matsuura

Ken and his wife Diane have been involved with Holt since 1981 when they adopted their youngest daughter (from Korea). They have gone on several Holt trips including Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.
John Ryan

John Ryan

John Ryan serves as senior vice president and general manager at UnitedHealthcare.  He is responsible for the organization’s national accounts division.  John and his wife Barbara have a long history of adoption and foster care in their family, and come to Holt through its merger with Sunny Ridge Family Center.  They are the proud parents of four children, the youngest adopted as an infant from Ethiopia through Holt-Sunny Ridge.  John is humbled to be part of such a diverse and family-focused organization.
Michael Sprenger

Michael (Mike) Sprenger

Mike and his wife, Marit, have four children. They adopted their son, Peter, from Korea in 2003, and their daughter, Sarah, from China a year later. A graduate of St. Olaf College, Michael also received his master's degree in business administration from the University of Michigan. For the past 26 years, he has worked for Medtronic in marketing management. A Holt child sponsor, Michael has also visited Holt's work in China.

Zoe Lainson Thompson

Zoe Lainson Thompson

Zoe holds a degree in religion and economics from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She lives in Houston with her two sons, both adopted from South Korea through Holt, and her daughter, adopted from China. Zoe's relationship with Holt International goes back generations, as her grandmother was an escort for Holt in Korea in the early 1970's. Zoe is honored to be a part of Holt International and is a passionate supporter of the three pillars of Holt's strategy: to strengthen families, provide care for the world's orphans and most vulnerable children, and provide adoption services for families. Zoe is a principal with KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory services firm. She has more than 20 years consulting experience working in a broad range of change management, operational and organizational performance areas, including workforce improvement, corporate culture, and competency assurance. In her free time, Zoe enjoys outdoor sports, serving as scorekeeper and cheerleader at her kids' lacrosse games, and travel.

Jeff Weinkauf

Jeff Weinkauf

Holt has been part of the fabric of Jeff's family for many years. His sister Emily was adopted through Holt from Korea, and his parents have both served in various capacities, on behalf of Holt since the mid seventies.

Jeff and his wife Amy have chaired the Eugene Holt auction twice, and have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Korea on the heritage tour and as part of the gift team. Jeff feels that Holt has a unique and special story to tell. From its simple origins to the movement it is today, there is no other group with as much reach, and potential impact for children internationally as Holt.

Financial Integrity

In 2016, Holt served 144,853 children and families in 13 countries.

When you give to Holt International, you invest in the life of a child. You empower a family to succeed. And you help us seek a world where every child has a secure, loving home.

As your partner in this mission, and as the steward of your gift, we stand committed to accomplishing what you have entrusted us to do in the most effective and efficient way possible. To best serve the children and families in our programs, we maintain consistently low administration and fundraising expenses. We hold ourselves accountable to you, those we serve, and ultimately to God.

We don’t take this lightly.

That’s why we strive for transparency in every level of our finances. You are always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns.

2016 Program Highlights

  • Renewed our license as a Hague Adoption Agency
  • 95-percent satisfaction rating from adoptive families
  • 741 children joined families through domestic or international adoption
  • 29,385 children received educational support
  • 1,483 families received income-generating support
  • 52,698 children received nutritional support

Financial Reports

Holt International qualifies as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3).

Contributions to Holt are tax deductible if you itemize.

Holt is registered as a private voluntary organization with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Mission Statement

Holt International is a Christian organization committed to expressing God's compassion for children. While always upholding the highest ethical standards, we:

  • Find and support permanent, loving families for children who are orphaned, abandoned or at serious risk of separation from their family
  • Provide services to ensure that children will grow and develop to their fullest potential
  • Lead the global community in advocating on behalf of the world's most vulnerable children

Holt Mission Statement