Name: Vincent

Gender: Male | DOB: 1/16/06
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This older boy is described as sweet, smiley, easy-going and a bit shy with strangers. Vincent was found in front of his current care center as a newborn.  In early 2017 he was Grade 3, having repeated grades 1 and 2. He reportedly received average marks in school, his favorite subject being Literature, and has struggled with reading and math. However he is now receiving educational tutoring at the care center. He is noted to have good self-help skills and described as polite, and happy. He can often be found playing soccer, riding a bicycle, playing hide and seek with friends, or watching cartoons.  He is described as an active boy who is in constant motion. Vincent is said to be in good physical health and to have mild cognitive delays. His caregivers report that he is good with his hands and that he wishes to be a builder or driver when he grows up. An adoptive family for this older boy should be knowledgeable about older child adoption issues such as how grief may affect adjustment and attachment. His family should also have access to a good educational system to help him reach his full potential.
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