Name: Tommy

Gender: Male | DOB: 01/16
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This gentle and cooperative little boy now resides in an orphanage and has a good relationship with his caregivers. He had two long term foster care placements and was close to his foster family. He is described as being quiet and shy with strangers but readily smiles when playing with known friends and his caregivers. He hugs and kisses staff at the orphanage naturally. Developmentally he can walk, run, and jump over obstacles well. He is interested in exploring, and listens to simple directions. He can draw circles with a pencil and open and close a bottle. He is diagnosed with absence of cavum septum pellucidum (CSP) and overall is delayed in his development in comparison to peers. In addition, he is smaller in size for his age. It is noted that his motor and skills have progressed significantly since his last report and his cognitive skills are improving as well. This sweet little boy needs a prospective adoptive family with excellent access to physical therapy, early intervention services, and educational resources. Help a child come home