Name: Theodore

Gender: Male | DOB: 5/10/17
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This sweet baby boy likes being sung to and will giggle when his foster mother calls his name. Born at 33 weeks, weighing 3.2 lbs, he has made strides in his development. In his most recent Well Baby Check, August, he can stand unassisted, crawl, sits alone, pulls to stand, walks assisted, babbles, reaches for large objects, says dada or momma, and laughs. He's described as an active and curious baby and shows much interest in peers. His growth is reported to be 25% in height, 3% for weight and head circumference. He is assessed at 10-14 months developmentally. In August 2017, he received an MRI that showed absence of septum pellucidum which will continually be observed. His birth history also notes prenatal exposure to tobacco and alcohol until the 26th week of pregnancy. His foster care worker notes that he is shy with strangers and will look for his foster mother if she is not in the room. He will smile readily when played with.  His family should be comfortable with the unknowns regarding his brain abnormality, prenatal history, and be able to provide him with any medical care or therapies he may need to thrive.
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