Name: Tara

Gender: Female | DOB: 11/6/07

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Tara is a beautiful fourth grader who longs to have a forever family. She enjoys attending music class and plays the guiro. She is noted to both give and receive affection and really likes to be recognized for her achievements. She earns good grades at school and likes to play soccer. It is stated that she has made great strides in learning to express her emotions. Tara loves animals and enjoys taking care of them. She really like to go to the park and this young lady also likes chocolates, ice cream, and popsicles. Tara has a love of learning and has expressed a desire to go to college. Her family will need to be committed to providing a safe and stable home for her by providing emotional security and support and by providing clear routines. She will also need assistance in advocating for medical and therapeutic supports that will help her grow into her best life. Help a child come home