Name: Tanner

Gender: Male | DOB: 8/23/09

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This happy little guy is extremely social and stated to be in good health currently. He walks, runs, climbs, sleeps and eats very well. He was left at the hospital when he was receiving intensive care after birth. He was born at the 32nd week of pregnancy at 1.3kg (2.87lbs) and had respiratory failure. He came into his current care center at about 2 months of age. His right eye has been diagnosed with a cataract, and he uses a false eye. While his motor and social skills are on target, his language and educational development is delayed. He did attend first grade at a local school, but due to his delays he is now studying with a teacher at his care center, learning the alphabet, numbers and colors. He is very helpful and caring towards his caregivers, and enjoys initiating conversations with them. He enjoys watching TV and playing with other children on the playground. He had two close friends who were recently adopted. His adoptive family should be open to the unknowns of his developmental potential, have access to great special education resources, and understand child grief and how it can manifest. Help a child come home