Name: Shain

Gender: Male | DOB: 9/2009

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Shain is a very special little boy who is described as active, smart and cute. He is also sweet and sensitive to others and praised by his teachers and caretakers. Shain arrived to the center right after birth and later at age 4 was sent to live with a foster family. His intake report from April 2018 identifies him as having mild anemia and physical delays on arrival. Shain has not had any surgery, treatments, special examinations and does not appear to have any drug allergies. At age 2 Shain learned to crawl and then to walk while holding the rail. At age 3, he attended the preschool at the center and his language development began to expand! By age 4 when residing with his foster family, his cognitive skills also began to improve. He learned to count and could identify numbers, fruits and animals. By age 5, Shain's physical abilities improved and he would play outdoor activities with his peers on the playground and he could clearly express his needs, and thoughts fluently. At age 6 he was able to help get himself dressed and cleaned and ready for school, he learned to write and even learned some English. When Shain turned 8, the center agreed to transfer him to a public school and since then, his records have been excellent and he has done well with his teacher and peers. Shain needs the support and love only a permanent family can bring to guide him to his next steps. Please contact us ASAP to view Shain's file to learn more. Help a child come home