Name: Rudy

Gender: Male | DOB: 2/2016

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Rudy is a wonderful little boy who came into care at 11 months old. Rudy is blind due to a condition known as retinoblastoma of both eyes. He has already received 2 surgeries (opthalmectomy and ocular socket plasty) for both eyes in September and October 2017. He now uses an ocular prosthesis he wears at night. Rudy is a handsome, active and curious child who is attending the junior kindergarten at the center. His other senses are quite acute and he moves freely in his environment. He understands simple instructions from the nanny and uses a few words such as mama (mom), nainai (grandmother) and chuqu (go out). He can point to body parts such as ears, nose and mouth. He is learning basic counting and he especially loves to be exploring outside with many sounds and items to touch. He is also very fond of musical toys and examines them very carefully. Rudy is a sound sleeper and especially loves to eat small cakes! Rudy needs a family that is open to his blindness/vision issues and that is committed to helping him navigate the world with his conditions. Please contact us to learn more about Rudy! Help a child come home