Name: Rita

Gender: Female | DOB: 9/2016

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Rita was placed in the center just before she turned 2 years old. Rita is described as a smiling quiet baby who is close to her caretakers. Upon examination, she was found to have congenital chondrodysplasia and mild hydrocephalus. Her radiology report completed in June 2018 references a clinical diagnosis of achondroplasia as well, which is a common form of dwarfism. This condition results in her having a large head, long body, and short limbs with delayed growth development. Rita is a deep sleeper and is not a picky eater. She can pick up a small pill with her thumb and index finger and she enjoys playing with blocks and going outside the center. Rita likes to imitate words and responds to simple requests and instructions. She can point to her eyes, ears, mouth and nose. She can also express when she is cold, tired or hungry. Her growth report dated Jan 30, 2019 states that her upper limb movement is normal but her lower limb movement is abnormal and weak. She cannot stand or walk. Rita is well loved by her caretakers and peers but she needs a permanent family open to her conditions and needs that can help support her for a brighter future. Please contact us to learn more about Rita! Help a child come home