Name: Palmer

Gender: Male | DOB: 2/20/2004

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This teen boy is in danger of aging out of adoption eligibility and is in urgent need of a family. He came into care at 10 years old after his birth mother passed away, and is said to have been in good health since he has lived in the care center. He also reportedly is on target physically and developmentally, and has good self-care skills. He enjoys soccer, dancing, and drawing.  He finished eighth grade in 2018 with average marks he is good at subjects that require a good memory such as History and Geography, but is hesitant about English.  He often helps out without being asked and is protective of younger children. He has seen friends be adopted, and wants to be adopted himself. This older boy waits for an experienced family who has a good understanding of grief and loss and is willing to connect him with his friends who have already been adopted. Help a child come home