Name: Mina

Gender: Female | DOB: 9/2009

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Mina likes painting and listening to music, and her caregivers describe her as a smart, gentle child. Her fine motor skills are developing, and she's good at cutting paper and stringing beads. Mina spent several years with a foster family before moving to the orphanage, and she was very timid when she first arrived. After several days, she became more comfortable and began to interact with others more. Strangers put her on high alert; but when she's with familiar people, she's quite active. Her nannies say she is a fast learner and her work is in the top of the class. She now expresses herself very well. She has neat handwriting, tells stories in smooth sentences, and writes the names of her classmates as well as some simple characters. Mina's self-care skills are strong, and she helps others who may need it. Mina's special needs are listed as deformity of auricles (outer ear) and delays. Her file was prepared in August 2017, so we would love to request an update to check on her recent progress for an interested family. Mina seems to be doing very well in many areas, but we know she needs the care and love of her very own family in order to reach her fullest potential. Help a child come home