Name: Jeffy

Gender: Male | DOB: 12/2013
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Jeffy is a six year old boy who has a bright smile on his face in nearly every one of his photos. He has been at his social welfare institute since he was just a few days old. He is described as having an introverted personality and when he meets strangers, he will smile shyly and speak in a low voice. His caregivers say that he won't talk to you unless you talk to him first, but he likes to answer when people ask him questions. He is described as having an inquiring mind. Jeffy was born with a medical condition that makes his arms and legs stiff and bent. He is unable to bend his arms and legs. His condition restricts his physical movement, but he attends physical therapy at the institute. An update in 2019 states that he is able to hold onto a bowl and to drink from a bottle, but in other areas of care, he needs help from his caregivers such as with toileting and eating. Videos from 2019 show him pulling himself up onto a couch and playing with toys. Jeffy is a determined little boy. His caretakers write that "he is broken in body but firm in spirit" and "does not submit to his destiny" and "does not admit defeat." When he was younger, his caretakers say that he would cry sadly when he saw other children walking around, but as he grew older, he began to think about other methods for getting around. He is able to change from a sitting to a lying position and is able to scoot himself around. He has come up with his own way of playing with toys and feeding himself snacks. Jeffy enjoys music and toys that make sounds. He has good speech skills and is able to express himself well. He is able to understand what others say to him and follow directions. He is described as having normal intelligence. Jeffy needs a family of his own to help him reach his greatest potential. Help a child come home