Name: Isabelle

Gender: Female | DOB: 8/2006

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Isabelle came into care when she was about two months old. She has complex congenital heart disease, for which she has not yet had surgery. An echocardiogram from 2014 shows aneurysm of the ventricular septum and severe pulmonary hypertension. She also has a right club foot, but she is able to walk and run. Isabelle joined a foster family when she was about seven years old. She began studying at a public school, and was behind the other children. She sometimes had difficulty concentrating in class. She is curious about new things and often asks why. Her language development is normal, and she can express herself clearly. Lively, cheerful and talkative, Isabelle enjoys attention! This special girl needs a family who will provide her with excellent cardiac services as soon as possible. Help a child come home