Name: Heide

Gender: Female | DOB: 01/01/07

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This cheerful, gentle girl has been in her current care center since December 2014 and reported to be in good health. No information was available about her history. She is described to be shy with new people but is very talkative once she is more familiar. She is attending the 3rd grade and is reported to be an attentive student. She can read short stories and comprehend the meaning, able to compute two digit subtraction/multiplication/addition, and state the names of many objects and animals. She is said to enjoy helping out at the care center, playing games with friends, playing outside, singing, and drawing, dolls, and puzzles. Her caregivers note that she is cooperative and polite.  Her motor skills are reportedly on target, and she can take care of her daily needs. Her prospective adoptive family should have a good understanding of older child adoption and have access to specialized educational resources. Help a child come home