Name: Harley

Gender: Male | DOB: 5/2012
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Harley came into care when he was about three days old.  He has Apert Syndrome and lives in a special foster home for children who need surgery.  He has had surgeries for his head and hands and more surgery for his hands is scheduled.  His head is now growing well and he can grasp objects with his fingers.  Harley can walk and run freely and uses his hands dexterously.  He can turn the pages of a book, unbutton his shirt, draw with a pen and build with Legos.  He has good self care skills.  He can also turn somersaults!  Harley loves sports and outdoor activities like climbing, running, and kicking a ball.  When repairmen come to fix things, he shows great interest in their activities and will imitate what they are doing.  Harley is described as a smart boy who is learning some Chinese characters, reading, and matching.  He learns his lessons well and can follow instructions.  His language development is delayed due to laryngomalacia and he has had trouble speaking words.  However, he can understand what others say to him, and his cognitive development is reported to be normal.  This little guy is attached to his group home mom and he gets along well with other children.  Please enjoy his video!
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