Name: Edison

Gender: Male | DOB: 10/11/11

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Edison has an engaging smile that goes on for miles. He enjoys joking around, playing jokes on his cousins and his current family thinks he is funny. He enjoys playing games, running around and wrestling. He enjoys family games and family activities and participates in whatever game the family chooses to play. He is described a very bright child who is quick to learn, has an amazing memory and is good at problem solving and figuring things out. He enjoys playing with Legos, riding his bike, reading books, playing board games, coloring and anything that is miniature sized. He is a natural leader and loves to take charge. Edison has on-going medical issues that requires a 504 plan at school and some diet restrictions along with daily medications and procedures. He thrives on one-on-one attention and enjoys cuddling, snuggling and loves story time. Families interested in adopting Edison will need to travel to his location for, at minimum, 4 days. Help a child come home